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wagnerjonhwagnerjonh Member UncommonPosts: 8
Hello, my name is Wagner. I've been following the page for more than a decade now, and now it is time for me to ask for help. I've tried almost all the mmo's that released in the last 10 years, and now, seeing and feeling the decadence of the genre, or in a positive way to see it, the reborn of the genre. But sadly, I don't like it.

New concepts that I dont like:
  • Sandbox, player driven dynamic world; 
  • Cash grabbers (Cash shops are fine, just not a complete joke with those VIP1~10 systems); 
  • MMOs that you play 95% of content alone (Whats the logic on that?);
  • Irrelevant leveling progress (get max level in 2 days and farm dungeons/raids);
  • All classes can do everything (there are no more roles, everyone just smashes buttons and avoid red circles);

After that introduction, I'm seeking a new place to stay, an healthy MMO, with a healthy community.

The game MUST have holy trinity, I'm a dedicated healer, I like to heal and buff other players, so the game must have a good population for me to have a group to do hard content.
The game must be not over 10 years old.
A plus would be a nice game to level with my girlfriend, a bit more grindy quests, not just runing around all day, because thats not "playing together".

I'm not doing a list of games I've already played because it would be too long, I've played from Tibia to Tera. The most popular games that fit my criteria that I've tried are FFXIV, WoW, Rift, Aion, Lotro, SWTOR, EQ2, and maybe others that I don't remember.
I would try again games that I've already played.

The horizon for us old school MMO players is not that bright atm, but I have the hope that the power of nostalgia will bring those types of games back one day.

If you read until here, thank you very much, and if you have a suggestion for me, please leave a comment.
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