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Guild forming for LIF 0.2.0

JackieRyderJackieRyder Member UncommonPosts: 145
edited February 2019 in Life is Feudal
The Sons of Vanir are recruiting We are established guild that founded in LIF:YO OGG looking for people to play with on LIF 0.2.0 start. Looking for both PVP and PVE players with the ability to effectively work together as a team and build bonds with each other as we grow as a guild.

- Mature players 18+
- Able to effectively talk in english
- Mic to talk on discord

 What can we offer:
- Organized Ranking systems with room to grow
 - Effective PVE/PVP Ranks
 - Absolutely Noob Friendly
- Missions are always posted whether it be pvp or pve

 Join the Sons of Vanir, Valhalla Awaits us!

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