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3000 person battle?



  • Slapshot1188Slapshot1188 Member LegendaryPosts: 11,497
    Relampago said:
    Crowfall is looking at hundreds.
    Sweet, glad to hear it. Ive heard theyve made lots of progress on performance over the past few months, battles with hundreds may be more realistic for Crowfall than people realize.
    Does crowfall have character levels or no?
    They continue to tweak things. There are currently 4 lanes for character improvement.

    1. Offline skill training. This is account-wide and applies to all characters.
    2. Character leveling (and skill acquisition)
    3. Disciplines (Can be slotted to specialize or add skills)
    4. Equipment and crafting

    The character leveling is actually fairly easy.  You can easily get to max level in a few days. At least on an unimproved body (vessel).  There is a necromancy skill line that lets you craft better bodies (better stats) and they take more EXP to level.

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  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 16,908
    IMO far too many games are EASY mode,i would want to see games take leveling seriously,we should not see any player at max level for at least a year.

    Gear should be taken seriously,you should have to EARN your right to wear gear and not simply gain a level ok now you can wear it.

    The genre is soooo stale because devs keep making stale systems.
    I'd like to see a player have to do three things to wear it's gear,first levels,secondly skills in both utilizing armor or weapons in battle and proficiency in crafting weapons and gear.I could explain it further but no need to ,i am just tired of lAZY game design...level 24 ok now you can use the level 24 sword,i am not paying a developer to give me 1980's/90's game design.I expect the designs to improve and developers improve.

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  • TierlessTierless ColumnistMember EpicPosts: 3,363
    SUpport 3k bare bones, then once thigns are all in its more like 500vs500. New World is all hyped for 50vs50 so, well, lol. Yeah, thats sad. "lumbernope"
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