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11th Anniversary of PotBS & New Owners!

KieferCKieferC Member UncommonPosts: 26

It is a special day for PotBS beyond its achievements in longevity in that the burning question for everyone regarding the future of that 12th year for PotBS now has an answer - we know who the new operator for the game will be and it will be Vision Online Games!


  • olepiolepi Member RarePosts: 1,608
    I recently came back and started playing again,. I had forgotten how much fun this game is!

    After spending a week in the real Caribbean, sailing around Grenada, I was reminded of the game. Got back in, and it's still fun. Even got into some fleeting action. PvP port battles are still happening, and I've been able to sell some stuff on the auction house.

    2021: 44 years on the Net.

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