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Ten TV Shows You Loved as a Kid

AmatheAmathe Miami, FLMember EpicPosts: 4,398
1.  Star Trek (the original)
2.  Gilligan's Island
3.  I Dream of Genie
4.  Bewitched
5.  Johnny Quest
6.  Wild Wild West
7.  Gunsmoke
8.  Bonanza
9.  Charlie Brown specials
10. M*A*S*H

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  • GruntyGrunty TexasMember RarePosts: 8,540
    edited January 23
    McHale's Navy, Combat!, The Desert Rats, Batman, The Addams Family, Gilligan's Island, Wild Wild West, Branded!, The Lone Ranger,  Zorro.  And the short lived Green Hornet.

    OH! and how could I forget the Red Skelton show.  The first time I ever heard a triple entendre joke that I understood and my parents didn't. I laughed so much I started to hyperventilate.
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  • FlemFlem BrisbaneMember UncommonPosts: 2,854
    Knight Rider, Incredible Hulk, Dukes of Hazard, Magnum PI, Star Trek: TNG, Who's the Boss, The A Team, Happy Days, Fantasy Island, MASH
  • AlBQuirkyAlBQuirky Sioux City, IAMember RarePosts: 4,668
    How long are we "kids?" Like @Flem said, Loved Magnum PI, but I was in High School/College for that one, while some shows were reruns in the afternoons :)

    Otherwise (in no particular order):
    01) Rat Patrol
    02) Nightstalker
    03) M*A*S*H
    04) Batman
    05) Leave it to Beaver
    06) Wild Wild West
    07) Greatest American Hero
    08) Carol Burnett Show / and Friends
    09) Mary Tyler Moore
    10) Bob Newhart

    - Al

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  • SmallieSmallie Member CommonPosts: 4
    I loved Johnny Quest tv shows. it was very fun filled
    best of the best music
  • Gabriel679Gabriel679 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 9
    i cannot remember 10, but i like the office us, disney channel programme like finish and ferd, the gravity fall, tom and jerry, etc
  • bendyrulerbendyruler Member CommonPosts: 6
    Button Moon!
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