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I need an artist

ZindaihasZindaihas Seattle, WAMember UncommonPosts: 3,662
Looking for an illustrator to do some artwork for a board game I made. It's a medieval/fantasy-themed board game based on Chess. I need drawings for the pieces for starters and perhaps scene artwork later. If you are an artist for hire or know someone who is, you can respond on this forum or contact me through my website:

Just click on the contact tab.



  • CryomatrixCryomatrix Cambridge, MAMember RarePosts: 2,132
    Go over to fiverr website or something, you'll have better luck finding people for that. Good luck with your game. 
  • ZindaihasZindaihas Seattle, WAMember UncommonPosts: 3,662
    Ah, thanks. I'll give it a shot.

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