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100% Original Naruto OTS -- Naruto Story


I would like to show you server at which I play since 4 months.
Totally custom made server, with 100% original content creating by author and his team.

Server Type: Hard / RPG

New systems:

-Jumping system
-Full keyboard control
-Jutsu learning from Scrolls
-Travel with hawk
-Hard Dungeons with special mechanic
-Charging system
-Set System
-Offline Training ( different from all OTS)
-Monsters Skull system
-Event system

But all you have to check in game:

I writing this post not without reason, because more changes incoming to game:
-New Spots + Monsters
-New Dungeon (Akatsuki)
-New Bosses
-New Items
-New Class
-New events

And much more, I hope to see you in game :smile:
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