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Star Citizen: Around the Verse - Yo! ATV Maps | 3.4.01



  • rodarinrodarin Member RarePosts: 2,451
    Erillion said:
    But since they arent going to 'publicly' show any progress they have with SQ 42 which is the apparent focus and target of the loan then people still have to take all that on faith. Which is as LOL as it gets with these guys.

    You keep ignoring both the SQ42 progress reports they have on their websites and the one hour vertical slide they showed. 

    You ignore the SQ42 topics they have in their "Jump Point" magazine.

    You ignore their SQ42 teaser trailers.

    You ignore the technical progress reports shown in weekly video blogs.

    Just because you keep repeating like a mantra that CIG is not showing any progress does not make it a fact. Especially not when the evidence listed above contradicts your point of view.

    But as we have established in the past .... facts are not your forte.

    Have fun

    No I just chose to take those things for what theyre worth.

    How long have these self generated reports been their thing there? How many have been close to being accurate? Remember what was it 4  years ago when Roberts brother had claimed to have played every mission or story or whatever theyre called in SQ 42? Video proof of that all over the place. Was he lying?

    And spliced together edited movies shot with that fancy equipment the backers bought (that didnt progress development of any anything) isnt what I call 'proof' either. Some bozo with lesser equipment could piece together better material in a basement somewhere.

    You can cite all this nonsense you want the actual stuff people can experience themselves is crap and you know it. Bugs all over the place still. Hard crashes, freezes, floating NPCs, ships still clipping through anything and everything, that stuff is there for people to see and experience. Its garbage and thats why no one plays it.

    Even the sell out streamers who will stream and promote anything for a buck couldnt stomach it for any longer than they were paid. Atlas was at least interesting enough to keep a few of them beyond the paycheck. So that should tell you something. 

    Either way keep up the free promotionals here they definitely need it.
  • Pyde-PyperPyde-Pyper Member UncommonPosts: 32
    Vaporware..... Nothing to see here. 
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