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Mike Morhaime to Leave Blizzard Entertainment for Good on April 7, 2019 - News



  • RobbgobbRobbgobb Member UncommonPosts: 661
    A couple of years ago, Activision stock had a double up pretty much and the stock has just dropped down closer to where it was before that jump. The shareholders might have liked to keep that jump but it is not like the stock bottomed out to lower than ever. It is still higher than when the upswing happened.
  • MadFrenchieMadFrenchie Member LegendaryPosts: 8,483
    edited January 10
    Aeander said:
    SBFord said:
    @SupaMutant In order to avoid double posting, quote the person's post you want, respond to it and before hitting "enter", quote the next post you want to respond to, do so and then hit "post comment". Double+ posting is frowned up 'round these parts. Just a bit of friendly advice. :)
    In what may be his defense, quote boxes don't show on mobile, and the box has a tendency to jump the text cursor into the invisible quote box with no way to move back outside the box.

    That's why I often don't attempt to multi-quote in a post.
    There are a lot of flaws with the mobile version that annoy me. For example, editing the first word of a reply to a quoted post can be frustrating because it will start typing my reply in the quote box with no way to exit it other than to scrap my post entirely.

    I certainly avoid multi quoting on mobile because that has issues of its own.
    Yep, and it happens if your phone attempts to auto-correct the first word (i.e. you type "It's" and your phone auto-corrects it to "its").

  • BruceYeeBruceYee Member RarePosts: 1,637
    So i seen a real good video about situation at Blizzard. One of less known fact in it was that people working at Blizzard are among least payed in game industry ( in USA ) Some workers even have problems renting apartments. And this was possible because a great reputation out and inhouse good vibe the company had. But it all changed after Morhaime quit ( or being forced too ) and Activision taking over.

    Fast forward and we are seeing Diablo (PC) being trainwreck with skeleton support, HoS probably closing very soon, Overwatch very likely soon going into maintenance mode, WoW at lowest level it has been ... The ingouse atmosphere also became real toxic , and the salary is even reduced ( from low it was )

    It seem that Activision takeover is now just a matter of time
    I would think more like a majority share buyout from Tencent but who knows.

    The problem I think right now with Blizz is they seem to be continuing on the failed course they've been on. They are still releasing lore stories, still 'talking' about their WoW ideas and planning to milk HS players more with another expansion. I expect a video of staff wearing costumes running around their office coming any day now. Even though they see their ship heading towards a reef they are refusing to change course and IMO that is what will cause their end cause people are no longer buying what they're selling.

    What I'd do if I was them right now..
    1. Pull all of the most talented devs from every team, bring them into a room a say "You are all now working on WoW 2". As long as ideas and concepts are being worked on the game is technically being worked on/thought up so you can announce it. Get started on every aspect of it right away with a new engine and have in-game footage with realistic Conan Exiles gfx out to the public within a year.

    2. Hearthstone - Get rid of wild mode, up deck size to 60 and allow all cards from previous decks to be used/purchased and make that standard mode/one mode. Drop the prices straight across the board for pre purchase pixel packs and all pixel packs in general.

    3. Overwatch - Add some type of customizing system like Paladins. Copy those who copied you. Add a **** ton more characters with the swiftness, maybe even two at a time. Release skins not only during events but regularly and sell them for a fixed price without the stress of loot boxes. Make them detailed and fun like they spent more than 5 minutes coming up with the idea and creating them.

    4. Heroes of the Storm - Drastic changes, probably rename it back to the original Blizzard All Stars seeing as their competitive scene is gone and they don't need it to sound cool anymore. Add artifacts/items and maybe a 3rd person SMITE mode as a separate game mode for a different flavor to the game. Answer to those who say some characters won't work in 3rd person view is to either not allow certain characters or change certain abilities for that mode.

    WoW - Make it BTP with cosmetic cash shop that mirrors Guild Wars 2. Add costumes/mounts to that cosmetic only cash shop regularly cause they seem to have no problems making those for $25 a pop. Stop reinventing the wheel with every expansion and make every expac a continuation like in other MMO's. Oh, and add housing once and for all and add housing items/ components as drops all around every single past expac world. Continue working/adding on to content from past expansions like garrisons. Redesign crafting items to work for all levels not just 1-10, 10-20 etc.
  • jtckline3jtckline3 Member UncommonPosts: 18
    This company is doom the moment it signed deals with China Tencent, the shameless cashgrab "game" company ruining the industry
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