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Ok, I'm gonna say it... (probably get banned for this)

VhayneVhayne Member UncommonPosts: 632
Do you see what is happening to Blizzard?  Well it's happening all over if you have noticed.  With Blizzard's latest "announcement" it just confirms my theory, and that's what I'm going to say....

                          The gaming industry is being ruined by a liberal, political, homo agenda.  

I am not going to get into my personal opinion of these people, but I'm sure what I have said,and will say, will speak for itself.  Here is the thing.  Not all of your audience is gay.  I'd be willing to bet that not even half is gay.  Probably not even 25%.  It might even be less than 10%.  Obviously, those numbers go up when you include gay-supporting players.  Which absolutely, I am not.  

Why in the hell a collection of colorized, textured, polygons has to have a sexual orientation I will never understand.  Do they have sex at all?  Not that I can see in their game, CG movies, or comics.  So exactly what is the point?  

I'll tell you what the point is.  It's to push an agenda.  Period.  Period.  

Never before in my 30+ years of gaming has a sexual orientation EVER come up in a video game, until these past few years.  It's becoming more and more prominent.  Being pushed on us as players, every chance "they" get.  Who is "they"? Well they are the developers, the artists, the decision makers in the industry (of the LGBT community) that whine about their choice of hole or pole isn't being recognized by their work.  Or, it's to continue to push their agenda on more and more people.  

Kids play these games too.  Overwatch is rated T for teen.  But you know and I, as for sure the developers, know that younger audiences play these games too.  Kids that aren't having sex, nor should be. 

When the world began to embrace this whole "LGBT" thing, it took a turn down a very scummy and IMO disgusting path.  Those choices have seeped into the gaming industry completely.  

I personally will reject it, every chance I get.   I will not support it, and never will.  

"That's not fair".  Well, I never once asked/hoped that any character in any game have their sexual orientation revealed.  I never cared.  Imagination is plenty, if that's what you really want.  The point is, it doesn't matter.  It never should, because these characters do not have sex, and that's what it's all about.  "You" might care, only because you whine about it, that we have to have rainbow flags everywhere, and rainbow mounts, and rainbow this and that.   And girl characters with butch haircuts and deep, scruffy voices.  And liberal ideology throughout.  Woman power.  Gay power.  Black power.  White power.  Furry power.  None of it is necessary.  It's political, religious, and pointless.  The only point of it is to push an agenda.  Period.  

I'm sick of it.  Get the F out of my games!

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