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What is your DREAM MMORPG? List mechanics etc.



  • parpinparpin Member UncommonPosts: 220
     swtor 2 with much much better graphics and animations, action combat with awesome light saber animations, with mass pvp like gw2's wvw but republic vs imp and geat engine that can support 100 vs 100 with little to no lag and good fps, yeah that is my dream mmo.
  • TheocritusTheocritus Member EpicPosts: 7,476
    Big open world with lots of exploring (and no going to quest areas is not exploring)..... Group content...Not quest or story driven.
  • Gamer54321Gamer54321 Member UncommonPosts: 452
    edited January 2019
    I haven't played many games unfortunately, and I like very few of them.

    I don't like copying stuff, so one might as well go with something new:

    1) A character animation MOVEMENT system that makes good sense, and looks good, for multiplayer game. No bullshit movement system aka Arma, or other games, where character animation is apparently separate from movement itself. I want to see an character animation movement system that takes into account every step you make, and ideally including other types of movement as well, like climbing and such.

    2) A deep and well functioning state machine, that allows a game to record all kinds of important changes of states to things in a game.

    3) A well thought out game design, that RELY on having immersion into the game world, and not some gimmicky, half assed effort that perhaps is even made worse by adding meta things like micro transactions.
  • learis1learis1 Member UncommonPosts: 150
    An mmorpg with single player challenges and rewards that are around 80-90% as good as multiplayer rewards. And one where I don't have to feel like a need to commit hundreds of hours to make actual progress.

    Basically have the hardcore and multiplayer aspect of the mmo reward 10-20% more than the casual single player aspect. So there's still enough incentive for hardcore group while casual solo don't feel woefully underpowered.

    Outside of that, just have a fun medieval fantasy whatever mmo with hopefully a deep and balanced system.

    Mend and Defend

  • Nibiru1704Nibiru1704 Member CommonPosts: 9
    Open World MMORPG, no levels, no gear grind, no linear story, no quests. Deck-building skill system, 100s of skills, but a player can only carry 8 at the time. Explore the world, overcome the challenges of new areas, find and capture all the skills.

    Be a Warrior, use leadership and shout skills to lead the team and control the battlefield. Be a Healer, communicate with the spirits of nature and past while you aid and protect your team. Be a Ranger, a versatile fighter with a quick aim and animal companion to show everyone who is the real ace card. Be a Mage and control the elements of nature and do not let anyone slip away. Be a Necromancer and control the mind of both living and dead beings.

    Combination of action combat movement and combo-based auto attacks with the depth and precision of the tab-target skill system is there to give you the best of both worlds. Yes, you can now dodge and parry attacks as a Healer with a sword in your hand while also slaying and smithing them down.

    Monsters are not there to be a kicking box anymore, they have their own will, and like you, they also use deck-building skill system, they have their own legions and they also want to spread their influence over the world. And you will need to fight them if you want to keep your home safe, they will come, and they will destroy whole towns if you do not make a stand.

    The World is there to explore, there is no map, and there is no compass, you, as a player, can draw and create your own maps of the world, yes a cartographer is a profession. But danger will follow you on every step because players can attack you also, so make a party, get in a guild and let your name be heard!
  • Nibiru1704Nibiru1704 Member CommonPosts: 9
    Shaigh said:
    I like playing healers, I like playing dungeon content with friends and I like doing content that push me to my limits. For it to be a dream MMORPG there has to be a shift in the way gameplay and content is handled. How exactly that would happen is up to game developers to figure out.
    no, not game developers, game designers. :)
  • NorseGodNorseGod Member EpicPosts: 2,634
    I would play any of the games you guys posted so far.
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  • LookingForMMOLookingForMMO Member CommonPosts: 1
    We are a small group of players looking for a game you need to play together. Maybe some of you remember Silkroad with the european mechanics. You could use pots only after a bigger duration of time. So you needed a team with at least a tank, a healer and a dps. Also we don't like the games you only do quests, get the reward and change the map or something like that. We would like to feel free. Also Silkroad had a gap-system for leveling means the higher the gap of your highest skill to your level influenced the exp/skillpoint ratio. Is there any game you could compare to it?
  • Cuppett5Cuppett5 Member UncommonPosts: 152
    Asheron's Call 3
  • UngoodUngood Member EpicPosts: 4,032
    Well.. My dream game is kinda a mix of Trove, Eternal Crusade, DAoC, DDO and some Crowfall.

    Now lets break that down.

    Trove's Influence:

    World Building, a Fully destructible yet randomized world map, where players can build and break anything around them.

    This also includes the idea of a Club World (or private home instance) that is also common in other games.

    This would also be set up with the ability to lay Pre-made structures into the game world, mainly fortifications, launch points etc, and the like, similar to using a Framework in Trove, where you design and build the Structure in your "Home Base" (IE: Troves Club World) and this gives you this whole thing to just drop it into the game map, but, to put it down you need pay the materials cost, the first one would be based on what you built in your Club World, any further ones would be need to be paid for out of raw materials collections.

    Which players would collect these materials from harvesting into the game Map.. just like Trove.

    Also using Troves system of patterns, where you collect, buy, earn, a recipe, and than you can make it, put it in your club world, or framework.

    Eternal Crusade:

    I love the Graphics of this game and the combat is simple yet brutal and intense.  So I would use their Combat System for the most part. Aiming would be more like how Crowfall or DDO work.

    As well as their Leveling System and Loadout System.

    To get a feel, leveling in Eternal Crusade is simply a matter of unlocking gear choices, as well as point reduction to the cost of some gear options and finally access to advanced veteran Loadouts.

    But a level 1 player and a level 6 player (max level) have the same exact base stats.

    In this case, I would only use EC's point reduction system, and access to more advanced (yet limited reinforcments) loadouts. (IE: You only get to deploy your vet, 1 time during the whole game, so, if it dies for any reason, that was your one shot with it, and you are back to generic loadouts)

    DDO's Influence.

    Instance Based Dungeons.

    I believe a good game needs a solid balance between PvP and PvE, and DDO's system of instance based dungeons is one of the best I have ever seen. I love that they are not simply a DPS challenge, and require thought and process and skill disciplines, like traps and the like.

    I also like how DDO uses checks and balances, like a Fire Imp is immune to fire damage but takes extra damage from cold, and players can equip fire resist items to take less damage from the Imps. So prep is a huge part of DDO' set up.

    Which I think would lend itself well to EC's loadout system.

    I would use a Hybrid System of Trove, DDO and EC.

    Trove's system of being able to change the Graphics (Akin to GW2 as well)

    DDO's system of Named Loot, Specific Damage Types (Acid, Fire, Cold, Etc), and Set Boons.

    Eternal Crusades Loadout system where you had a base item and then could add extra boons. IE: you equip a Chainsword, and then give it Ripper-Teeth that do more damage, or putting Incendiary rounds into your Bolt gun that now inflict Fire damage when they hit.

    I would build a very complex system of gear and gear augments, that could work together, and have limits of course.

    DAoC Influence:

    Realms vs Realms. This is both an EC and a DAoC system where there would be distinctly different teams, like in DAoC they had the Alion, Hibernia, and Midguard, and in EC they have Space Marines, Chaos, Eldar, Orks.

    Each very different from each other. Lets call them Yellow, Red, and Blue teams for now.

    I would set up two kinds of Combat Systems.

    Fast Battles. 10 - 30 min quick fights.
    2 Teams, like EC's set up, where you play a fast variable objective map, (IE: Kill Count, Take and Hold, Defend a point, Bring Item X to Point Y, Etc) This would be a randomly generated map, so, there is no telling what it will look like, or what will happen.

    Long Battles; 4 day battles. - IE: Campaigns.
    These would a 3 World Map (1 map for each team), that they would battle over resource control and power for. Each map would have it's own unique resource.
    • Blue Team would have Blue Dust, that is used in Weapon Crafting. 
    • Yellow Team has Yellow Dust that is used in Armor Crafting.
    • Red team has Red dust that is used in Elemental Crafting.

    Now this is not normal harvested stuff, see a Dust Node, would need a harvesting framework put on it for a team to collect from it, so, those who collected the most "dust" at the end of the campaign, would win.. The winner gets 100% of the dust they collected and 50% of the dust everyone else collected, 2nd place gets 50% of the dust they collected and 25% of 3rd place's dust, and 3rd place gets 25% of their dust. 

    This would be awarded by participation and activity of players. So the more you did, the more you would get.

    Ideally, this would lead to some conflicts for control of dust harvesters.

    But keep in mind, again, Maps would be totally random, like Trove.

    Also, players could down Launch Points. Like Spawn Points, that they could build into their Frameworks, which could allow for fast deployment to where they need to be. Again with some limitations.

    Part 2 Coming.
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  • UngoodUngood Member EpicPosts: 4,032
    Part 2 Started:

    Class Design.

    I would use DDO type system where each level you could pick a class and get the benefits of that class, but only give 10 levels, so if you wanted you could build something like this.
    1. Fighter
    2. Thief
    3. Cleric
    4. Cleric
    5. Fighter
    6. Fighter
    7. Thief
    8. Thief
    9. Cleric
    10. Cleric
    And get the boons from each of those classes, of course, this would offer restrictions, like for example, you would only have spells open to a 4th level cleric with this build, but also get the extra HP of the Fighter as well as all the extra combat and weapon abilities, and the extra skills and abilities of the Thief.

    Not quite as good at any of them as a pure class could be, but, depending on how you played and what you wanted to do with your build, this might be better for you.

    To use another example, you might try something like.
    1. Thief
    2. Wizard
    3. Wizard
    4. Wizard
    5. Wizard
    6. Fighter
    7. Wizard
    8. Wizard
    9. Wizard
    10. Thief
    Just because you think the idea of a Wizard charging people with a great axe is funny and fun! 

    Leveling in this case would be Character Specific, which each character having 3 fast swap loadouts that they could while Deployed in a Combat Zone (not while in combat, just while deployed) and 10 loadouts total to chose from.-

    Inventory would done like Trove, with material having their own tabs, and special dropped items would need to be "banked" into the collection, which could only be done in a club world, to be used in a future loadout.

    The main idea would be a delay in being able to be deployed into combat zones (Campaigns), basically, in a Long Combat Campaign, you get a limited number of Reinforcements, once you run out, you are out of the campaign, giving rise to that feeling that some people get when they say "Stay dead this time" and in this game, this can happen. So yes, a side could win, simply by killing everyone from the other side. It would just not be easy, but still doable.

    Body Loot would be Campaign Specific, IE: There would be several campaigns going at any time, each with their own loot rules, Obviously the higher the risk, the higher the reward.

    Campaign settings would also have Mobs, and DE's in them, as well as random rare spawns like dragons (Similar to the way Trove works) along with various environments, IE: Jungle, Swamp, Mountains, Forests, Planes, Deserts, Etc. 

    But also have a seasonal influence like Crowfall... Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall. 

    And the worlds would decay as time went on, IE: They would slowly die and turn to Anti-Realms, like Undead, Shadow, Plague, Pestilence, Ash and Dust, etc.

    Think the Storm in Fortnight, just a lot milder, but same idea of a dangerous place, that works against you, that you can't really stay in.

    But this Anti-Realms would offer their own unique harvesting resources for those willing to face the risks and dangers.

    Once the shadow realm breached their "Soul Point" or the 'Heart of the World" which would be the Faction starting point on that map, the world would die, and become inaccessible.

    Worlds could also be killed by an Opposing team destroying their Soul Point and this make that map Inaccessible. 

    However, going back to being able to Build Frame Works. Frame works could have Launch Points set into them, and as long as a Fraction had an active Launch Point in an Live Map, they could keep deploying to those launch points, and keep playing.

    So what ya all think?

    Would you play this?
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  • GaladournGaladourn Member RarePosts: 1,810
    If I could have Classic WoW, with all the expansions up to WotLK scaled down to fit the Classic ruleset, I would be happy.

    Distant second favorite: a Darkfall-type game with alignment and allegiance penalties, skill caps and a free to explore world like Skyrim's.
  • klash2defklash2def Member EpicPosts: 1,734

    The Witcher MMO-Lite (*Evil Laugh*)

    Bioware (Classic)  -Writers
    Rockstar - World Design 
    CDPR - Character Design


    150 years before Geralt of Rivia. The world is overrun with monsters during the golden age of the Witcher guild, many men and women are joining the guild at this point and your character is one of the many coming to train at Kaer Morhen. The game starts with your character taking the Witcher trials.

    World States/Servers 

    Each Witcher Graduating class will have 15 Real Players and 5 NPCs. The 15 Witchers you start with are all other players and your actions in the world will affect each other which could even include PVP. You could also run into the 5 NPCs in the open world and they will help or attack you depending on your actions and alignment. 

    If You want to play with friends you need to start a new game together. As you travel the world doing jobs to help folk or killing folk and robbing them of the coin instead, the world state will begin to change. A world that is mostly affected by "Evil" Aligned Witchers will start to show signs of death and ruin. Cities will crumble and people starve. A world that is mostly affected by "Good" Aligned Witchers will see bustling cities and towns and people living happy under the Witcher's protection.  

    The only way to "Switch Servers" is to Die. Yes it is possible to die during the Trials. Once you die you start over again as a new recruit but in the same body and with a new group of 10 Witchers. You retain your skills and XP you just lose your world state and items excluding weapons. Weapons are going to be account bound and you will get them back upon passing the trials again. Yes you have to do it each time. The trials and how you perform on them will dictate what skills you are able to obtain. Its not enough to just survive the trials. 

    Character Creation

    Weight, Height, Skeletal frame all affect character stats and skills
    Alignment System
    1000's of Appearance Options so that no two characters are the same
    Hundreds of skills but only allow 5-6 at a time to create a build. (Inspired by ESO) 
    Classless system but no one can do everything. Groups are based on skills needed.

    World Should be Open with no Load Screens but Phased. I think this gives it the best experience, think Destiny, ESO, Division etc.

    I have many more ideas but im going to stop now lol. 

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  • valariavalaria Member UncommonPosts: 18
    My perfect game would have:
    1) A skill/class system like what we had in SWG where with one char you could experience all.
    2) A robust crafting and gathering system that is truely useful to all players (with fishing).
    3) An easy to use aution house, preferably with multiple access points.
    4) True non-instanced player housing, that is very customizable, and allows players to build their own cities with amenities like fast travel, vendors and ect.
    5) Only limited pvp, that I can completely opt out of.
    6) An interesting story.

    Honestly if SWG (pre-NGE) was still running, I would still be playing it.
  • ChildoftheShadowsChildoftheShadows Member EpicPosts: 1,819
    I've been thinking about this a lot and I think I'd love to see a combination of Breath of the Wild environment interaction, the food, climbing, gliding. SWG crafting and factions, because they were optional (if my memory serves correctly). Building akin to Survival games, but limited in locations so the world doesn't get cluttered and maybe deeds like in Archeage. Archeage farming and trade runs. incentives and some form of leveling separate from combat for exploration, crafting, farming.
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  • sunandshadowsunandshadow Member RarePosts: 1,985
    I've been thinking about this a lot and I think I'd love to see a combination of Breath of the Wild environment interaction, the food, climbing, gliding. SWG crafting and factions, because they were optional (if my memory serves correctly). Building akin to Survival games, but limited in locations so the world doesn't get cluttered and maybe deeds like in Archeage. Archeage farming and trade runs. incentives and some form of leveling separate from combat for exploration, crafting, farming.
    That sounds compatible with what I would like to make. :)  How do you feel about minigame-based crafting gameplay?
    I want to help design and develop a PvE-focused, solo-friendly, sandpark MMO which combines crafting, monster hunting, and story.  So PM me if you are starting one.
  • MaurgrimMaurgrim Member RarePosts: 1,271
    If EVE Online and Star Wars franchise had a baby, I want that game
  • Hawkaya399Hawkaya399 Member UncommonPosts: 541
    edited February 2019
    Dauzqul said:
    It's 2019. You're older and wiser. What do you yearn to play? What is your DREAM MMORPG? Tell us everything! List mechanics from other titles that you enjoy etc.

    What would you make us?
    Something like the core of Wurm Online in 2012, with these changes:
    1. The modern graphical updates
    2. Altered skill system to create deeper synergy in villages, and less overall repitition
    3. Most of the newer craftables
    4. Strong monsters avoid centers of power; cities and groups of cities; for leveling players
    5. A achievement system for growing players, to guide them along the path of crafting and building; it grants no rewards; it's merely a organized easy to read guide so players know where to begin and what they can build as they grow (this was perfectly achievable using the Wiki back in the day, but nothing was ever organized and easy to find unforunately)
    6. Retain slower travel, harsh consequences; the survival gameplay; aka 2012
    7. Add "intelligent" monster factions that create their own dungeons/cities so that players have more things to attack than just migrating respawning creature dens.
    8. Add more lore for the monsters/creatures
    9. Add more meaningful non-player items like swords/armor to drop on the intelligent ones; not just crafting ingredients

    The goal is to take the harsh survival and sandbox elements of Wurm Online in 2012 and make it more playable for villages (so it's less grindy) and growing players (so they're more useful to stronger players and more options for combat), whilst embodying in it more MMORPG features, like dungeons and non-player elements, maybe some sandbox-compatible quests (player-made too).

    It's essentially the ultimate old school MMOSSPRPG, err Massively Multiplayer Online Survival Sandbox Roleplaying Game--with PvP servers.

    Keep in mind, the team used ALL their energy just to make Wurm Online successful in its own right. To do even more would require a herculean effort. Realistically, it would have to work on the existing codebase--or from an older version. Starting over would require an enormous budget and talent pool. And it would stay very nichy. It's HARSH survival. It's not friendly. It's painful and unpopular.
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  • SteelhelmSteelhelm Member UncommonPosts: 332
    just a simple 3d sandbox fantasy mmorpg with a simple baldur's-gate-like combat, crafting, housing, adventuring, maybe even some pvp and an alignment/reputation system
    Talking about games where thousands of players exist simultaneously in a single instance and mechanics related to such games.
  • FonclFoncl Member UncommonPosts: 347
    edited February 2019
    EVE Online without PLEX, skill injectors, RMT and bots. Using a subscription model without cash shop. The game would also need a system making it impossible for people to play more than one character, so everyone would be forced to rely on others for things they don't do well.

    Add in modern coding so the game can utilize more than one thread on the server processors, that way we can play in real time during large battles.

    I'm done playing MMORPG's that don't do the 'massively' part well, non-MMORPG's do everything else better. Many modern ones like WoW could be chopped up in PvP, questing and dungeon/raiding parts with their own balance, the separate parts would actually be better games than when they're all together in an MMORPG imo.
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  • AmazingGamingAmazingGaming Member CommonPosts: 9
    Shaigh said:
    I like playing healers, I like playing dungeon content with friends and I like doing content that push me to my limits. For it to be a dream MMORPG there has to be a shift in the way gameplay and content is handled. How exactly that would happen is up to game developers to figure out.
    You might like Lineage 2 Classic then. I've never seen any MMO but L2 with such bold healer classes as Bishop.
  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 12,899
    We are a small group of players looking for a game you need to play together. Maybe some of you remember Silkroad with the european mechanics. You could use pots only after a bigger duration of time. So you needed a team with at least a tank, a healer and a dps. Also we don't like the games you only do quests, get the reward and change the map or something like that. We would like to feel free. Also Silkroad had a gap-system for leveling means the higher the gap of your highest skill to your level influenced the exp/skillpoint ratio. Is there any game you could compare to it?
    Welcome to the forums! :smile: 

    I never played Silk Road but SotA has been mentioned as a good grouping MMO, not sure I would recommend it though. Maybe other posters can chip in.

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  • AAAMEOWAAAMEOW Member RarePosts: 1,335
    Some sort of realm vs realm.  With hierarchy system.  Everyone pick a king to follow.  The aim of the game is to kill all the other king.  
  • AeanderAeander Member LegendaryPosts: 5,574
    edited August 2019
    * Renaissance Fantasy aesthetic.

    * Races include humans, Sidhe (plant people), dark elves, fish people, and beast/bird people. Absolutely no diminuative or childlike races for both balance and immersion reasons.

    * Fully instanced but expansive world, with instances used to place creative restrictions and challenges on teams.

    * Multiple persistent, large scale instances with perpetual RvR combat.

    * Realm vs. Realm based on at least 5 factions, with dynamic alliances between factions based on community politics.

    * Class based, with the ability to dual class OR ascend (further specialize in) your starting class.

    * Hundreds of skills to pick from, but limited to 7-9 skills and 1 elite skill at one time.

    * Similar combat to Blade and Soul.
  • cameltosiscameltosis Member EpicPosts: 2,499
    edited August 2019
    Ah, designing your own MMORPG, a dream of many people on this forum, myself included! Here goes:


    A next generation sandbox based in the world(s) created by Raymond E. Feist, specifically Midkemia from the Riftwar Saga. I would set it after the events of the Riftwar, as this means that greater magic has been returned to Midkemia, there is a good gap in the book series so our actions don't get in the way of the story. Kelewan also still exists so there is an opportunity to open up that world to players to get a completely different fantasy feel. Pug and Tomas have walked the hall of worlds, so players could potentially gain access and travel to even more worlds.

    Massively Multiplayer:

    This is the first and most important thing to highlight. My MMO would actually have to be massively multiplayer! This means supporting 500+ players within the same virtual environment. Simply having loads of players isn't enough though, you have to make use of them. Take a look at CU's design docs / beta 1 doc for how they are planning to handle large groups. You can essentially form a raid with unlimtied size, with specific lines of communication to make tactics possible. I'd also include voice-chat in the game to facilitate being massively multiplayer.


    My favourite activity so forgive me for writing about it at length. The key goal is DEPTH. Depth is a measure of the number of decisions you have to make, the difficulty in making those decisions and the impact those decisions have on the outcome.

    With that in mind, I'd allow players to have 20 or so skills available to use. About 1/3 would be for use in a rotation - rotations are shallow, but its fun to learn them and better to have 5 or 6 skills in a rotation rather than just hitting a single key over and over. The rest of your skills would be situational - self heals, mitigation, buffs, debuffs etc. Stuff that doesn't fit into your rotation, that aren't automatic and so require you to make a decision if / when to use.

    To ensure that decisions are impactful and hard to make, all skills will have some sort of cooldown and the more powerful, the longer the cooldown. In addition, I want to bring resource management back. Players would have big pools of power/mana that are hard to replenish in combat. This essentially puts a time limit on combat - take too long and you run out of power. For solo combat, this power pool would be more than enough for standard mobs, but as mobs get tougher you'll need to start being more careful, or working together to replenish power (much like loremasters can hand out power in LotRO, plus the fellowship manuvers).

    In terms of how combat will actually work, it'll be a hybrid of tab-target and action combat. Most skills will be manually aimed, similar to wildstar and their telegraph system. So, a "stab" skill will hit the first target directly in front of you, so if you aren't aiming right you'll miss. An AoE swing would hit everyone within say 135 degress in front and 2m radius. You would still be able to target players to see their health and buffs, but I think I would only make single target ranged skills use the targeting system.

    I would include player collisions. If done right, I think this would increase the importance of movement in combat, instead of movement just being "step out of the crap"! To further this, quite a few skills in game would be related to collisions - knockbacks, shoves, knockdowns etc. Player size would also be a factor - if you're big and strong, then you can push past smaller players or knock them back further. To facilite the important of collisions, I would introduce a new feature - group formations. So, you could actually select a "line" formation, then everyone in that line gains certain buffs and debuffs (e.g. more resistant to knockbacks at the cost of movement speed). Or, select a wedge formation to increase your ability to carve through opponents formations.

    Finally, time to kill - it has to be long! An average fight between player and npc, or player v player, should be at least 30 seconds. If its any shorter than that then depth goes out the window because you simply don't have the time to make decisions. Also, I like players to feel like they have a chance, so even if they're going to lose, those 30 seconds give them a chance to fight back and turn the tables. At the very least, those 30 seconds can provide good feedback to the player so they can improve next time. Getting smashed in 5 seconds just doesn't help anyone.


    I'm all about horizontal progression!

    That said, I would put in a small amount of vertical progression right at the beginning. As said earlier, players should have about 20 skills available on their toolbars but that would be too overwhelming from the start. So, I'd put maybe 10 hours of vertical progression in a starter zone, essentially an extended tutorial so they can learn teh game and build up to a full 20 skills.

    After those 10 hours of tutorial content, its all about horizontal progression. This means that player power stays the same. Progression becomes about choices and specialising. As you progress as a dps toon, you'll unlock AoE, DoT, single target specialisations, as well as self-healing, buffs, debuffs etc. With a limit of 20 skills you won't be able to use them all, you'll have to make choices. If you spec/build for AoE, your single target damage will drop. Spec for health/mitigation and your overall damage will drop.

    Horizontal progression aims to balance around the concept of rock - paper - scissors, just with tons more possibilities. You all have the same overall power, averaged across all content, but some specs will be better than others in certain situations. Burst single target dps will be better in a 1v1 duel than someone specced for AoE, but someone specced for CC / mits would be burst dps.

    By basing around horizontal, and thus specialisation, you also allow players to figure out their favourite playstyle, rather than forcing them. You allow for tons more possibilities in terms of tactics, thus paving the way for emergent gameplay. With everyone's power being roughly the same, balancing content is way easier and no content ever becomes redundant.

    Finally, progression wouldn't be attached solely to XP. Some would come from XP, but some would come from activities. Kill a specific boss, unlock a new skill. Explore a certain percentage of a zone, unlock something new. I want to give players multiple progression routes so that they're not always forced down a path they dont like.

    Classes / Roles:

    I would want to go for a class-less system, instead basing progression around skills. I would probably go for something like SWG - allowing players to pick and choose their progression paths but with imposed limits, so that you could only "master" two routes.

    However, I would still have those progression routes follow roles. I'd have the usual trinity, but I find that too limiting. So, definitely have buffing, debuffing and CC as major roles you can spec for. This opens up more possible tactics and thus allows for emergent gameplay.

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