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Fallen Earth Team Ready to Take on 2019 for a 'Reboot, a New Game' or...Something Else -



  • alkarionlogalkarionlog Member RarePosts: 2,775
    cheyane said:
    The lightbearers

    I understand from what I have read this faction is allied with Enforcers and Vistas although Vistas and Enforcers are enemies. I am playing a rifle toon and I may get a shotgun later as I am still low level. 

    My question is, if someone could help me, if I pick Lightbearers whether I can have access to the rifles the Enforcers and Vistas sell and the Rifle skills too. How difficult is it to become allied enough to both Enforcers and Vistas while being a Lightbearer? Is this still the way it works or have things changed because I am not really interested in the Lightbearer faction except for the chance to ally with both Enforcers and Vistas to get the maximum I can for Rifles.
    don't matter, faction are more for quests and to lock your entrance in certain faction outposts, there is no more skills on faction, and gear is crafted, the best you can get is craft.

    and before you could be lets say you wanted to be a enforcer, so you could after a long grind and doing quests go to all faction, so you started lets see light beares then after you get everything you start to do all vistas quests, who would give you faction points on that faction and half of it to tehy allied faction(see how to do it?) and double of that would be on negative on they enemy faction so if you get 100 on light you would get 50 on enforcer and vistas and 200 negativy on travelers? I think it was the enemy faction and 100 negative on chotas and techs, not happen now btw you only get the good and negativy against the enemy faction
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  • cheyanecheyane Member EpicPosts: 6,383
    edited January 15
    I heard that Vistas quest require help from level 55's . The Lightbearer is easy to medium difficulty. See the number of people playing this game and having to rely 55's might dampen my parade.

    Lightbearer is absolutely hideous , I like Tech and Enforcer and Traveller. Chota too.

    Image result for fallen earth faction chota armorChota
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  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 16,462
    Man this lazy lame gimmick is being used a lot lately.Trying to rebrand or resell the same crap over and over again.Geesh i remember Smedley and then DBG did it with the very half assed H1Z1,trying to separate it into 2 games and resell both lol.
    Deves seem to have no ethics at all,they don't care if they take your last dollar .

    This team might be trying to fool some people but here is a hint....
    The game was weak from day 1,had nothing to do with bugs and it looked very dated even way back when.

    Get serious,get a better team,bigger budget,better engine and scrap this pile of junk.Try making a new game,yeah it'll take 5-7 years but maybe something was learned from the last,maybe you find the pot of gold with a new game,albeit i doubt it,this team imo does not have it.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

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