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Ashes of Creation Update - Was taking down the BR the right move?

jahlonjahlon Member UncommonPosts: 314
Was taking down the BR the right decision?

Well, the best decision would have been to not launch due to the number of web-page issues and warning signs that were thrown up.  All of these are documented in the video.

Clearly there are some major server issues, since we were supposed to get 24/7 servers in November, and that had to be moved until 18 December and that had to be moved until 11 Jan for spot testing and then February.  

What we can expect to have on 4 January or an updated before 4 January (since updates before an event are reasons, and after an event are excuses)

Web Accounts Restored
Password Recovery should be functional
Forums should be operational
The 502 issue should be resolved

On 11 January we get a livestream.
We are going to get Castle Siege Information
I think its reasonable to ask for an explanation of what went wrong
I think its reasonable to ask for a firm date for A1 backers to have Castle Siege Access
I think its reasonable on 11 Jan to ask for the Apoc Target Date (since well its a TARGET)

Its also reasonable to ask how they are going to get the MMORPG done "before 2020" and more than just "we can get it done"

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    @jahlon,  I'm starting to see potential in you to one day join the League of (evil) Harbingers.

    I'll ask @Slapshot1188 to save you a hooded robe.


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