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I wonder how the ToA devs feel...

madazzmadazz Member UncommonPosts: 1,857

I just wonder sometimes how the developers themselves feel to have so much of their hard work rejected. I am 100% for non ToA servers. But I think it would be nice if there was something that could be done to atleast incorporate the land/mobs. I havent returned to DAoC just yet but can't wait to. I have a lvl 47-48 Thane on one of the general servers (which was retired soon after ToA as suddenly I could not compete in RvR). I like the idea of starting off fresh. If some ToA content besides Classes remain let me know.




  • RemyVorenderRemyVorender Member RarePosts: 3,611

    I've often wondered that myself.

    Only thing i have to say is...That's what the ToA devs get for not being in touch with their player base.

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  • SyriSyri Member UncommonPosts: 230

    I don't think they'll be feeling too bad. after all, it's not like the toa servers are completely empty now. sure, there was a drop, but not by that much. just turns out that not everybody liked it.

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  • JulianDracosJulianDracos Member UncommonPosts: 1,525

    I would say 30%-50% reduction depending on your server is a lot. 

  • YeeboYeebo Member Posts: 1,359

    I wonder how many new/ returning players the game has gotten because of the classic servers? I just fired up my account again because of them, and I'm loving it.

    I don't want to write this, and you don't want to read it. But now it's too late for both of us.

  • AnarchyNeoAnarchyNeo Member Posts: 4

    ya the drop was insane... the first few days to week that the new servers were released there was little to NO action in RvR on my server... Now it has gotten a tad better... but is nothing but RR6+s and makes it extremely difficult on the solo rr4- player... IMO Classic Servers FTL... this games goin down suxxors creek for the rest of us on the main serversimage This game has gotten so pathetic for the main servers that they are clustering up to 5 servers in one... Mythic has obviously realized the fact that these old servers will never be the same again... so im about ready to pack up my bags and set my eyes off MMOs and their never ending story of Nerfs/Pwnage/ & god forsaken patchs! GL to all those on the classic servers and perhaps they may listen this time!

    Why not roll on the new servers? because with 4 years into 1 server... im not ready to put another 4 into a new server :)


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  • madazzmadazz Member UncommonPosts: 1,857

    I know how you feel AnarchyNeo, I too have scrapped a high lvl character on a ToA server. However, I had alot of time off in between so coming back isn't so bad. The new graphics are also quite attractive. But as I said before, too bad there isnt a way to have ToA content without all the master level crap. I still very much like the idea of artifact type weapons.

    Also, with such population drops I think mythic will end up merging some servers to compensate. So you may find the RvR to be raised substantially. Don't hang up the towel just yet IMO. If need be take a month or so off.


  • n2soonersn2sooners Member UncommonPosts: 926

    I think the new servers would have been better if they had simply made them non-ML/non-artifact servers instead of ditching ToA altogether. People go on about how much they hate ToA, but what they really hate the most are artifacts and MLs because of their impact on RvR and the time it takes to get them. Other parts of ToA had nice drops and quests and it was otherwise a very good expansion.

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