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What MMORPG to Choose?

Hey i'm kinda new playing MMORPG's i've played several games but don't know which one to really stick with. The MMORPG's i've played are as follows:

Final Fantasy XI: I loved the game but at around lvl 65 i got kinda tired of the game, yet everything in the game is spectacular.

Ragnorok Online: I played the game for about 5 months and i made it to Base lvl 60 and hunter lvl 40. I liked the game but the game got kinda boring to me besides i don't even know where to get missions XD so yeah.

Knight Online: This is a Great free game besides Pronject entropia, and Runescape it just didn't have the flavor i was looking for.

Well those are most of the games i've played so far i've looked at WoW and GW But everytime i ask a person who's played the game they give me more DOWNERS then UPPERS about them. Basically i like alot of genre's mostly Fantasy but i also like Sci-Fi and things that EXPLODEand go BOOM. XD

Anyway i'd appreciate any Help you guys and gals can give me. THANKSimage


  • Trigget4kTrigget4k Member Posts: 45

    Stick with the game you enjoy the most::::35::

  • XthHeroXthHero Member Posts: 50

    Well, I'm not sure what to recomend. All i can say is that WoW is a werry good game. Its easy to learn, its not hard to find a guild. People are mostly nice and welcoming. Guild wars is beautiful, and its free. But then again you know the saying "you get what you pay for". In other words, its pretty repetive. And gets fast boring. WoW is longerlasting and all in all mutch better. (I will probably get killed for saying that) But it's the sad truth. WoW got allot more content. EQ2 is a good candidate as well. I wuld like to say that EQ and WoW cant be compared. EQ is a more hardcore and requers more of you, but in time it allso give's more back. All in all I wuld recomend WoW, then wen you get tierd of that, ore you might want two MMO's you go and buy EQ2.

    Hope I helped you and not confused you more ::::15::


  • 4d3p74d3p7 Member Posts: 189

    I would say WoW is for the newer Mmorpg player, but can be fun for a few months.  I played EQ for a couple of years and i have to say it is much much longer of a game (about 2-3years to get to lvl 65) and WoW is much shorter (can get to lvl 60 in 2 weeks if u are extreamly hardcore but normally 3months for the above average).  I also played CoH, didn't like it, got to 20 and quit i like to have items and look different when i get different stuff not just the same tights image.  Although i didn't play EQ2 that much i would like to alot(comp cant play it smooth at all) it looks very detailed.  If i were you i would wait for the next batch of games so there arnt a bunch of high lvls and you are the newb that just started that ppl like to yell at, lol people do it somtimes.

    Im currently watch Dark and Light(seems like it is alot like EQ[classes, races]),  Vanguard seems pretty interesting and roma victor(has a unique combat system but looks like it is going to be a pain in the a** because when you die in PvP you loose your stuff and have to do things to come back to life) but i suggest just waiting.


  • XthHeroXthHero Member Posts: 50

    If you wait, then wait for Hero's Journey. That game is looking to be a winner... and sure there are alot of hig lvl's in all the MMO's now. But you can't let some idiots that likes to shout noob to ewry one ruin a grait game. If you do then MMO isn't for you. Ther's always asshole's outh there. Exampel... I played WoW since the final beta. Stil when I play one of my alterative chars, they stil cal me noob.
    So fuck'em, oh and EQ2 is werry demanding of youre computer! Dont buy it unless you got a GeForce 6800 ore Radeon X800, 3ghz+ and atleast 1024 ddr ram. cause its no funn otherwise.


  • ScampyScampy Member Posts: 29

    I'm looking forward to Heroes Journey and TCOS actually. And games should be cool to play for all levels, doesn't make sense to create a game that's fun for the first couple of players and sucks for people who join later on, right?

  • Fullmetall11Fullmetall11 Member Posts: 87
    Hmm i've heard of EQ2 and it's amazingness but i never thought to try it XD. I really don't have to worry about my computer i have 3 of them. lol but i'll give EQ2 a try thx for the help guys.
  • ionicwingsionicwings Member Posts: 109

    the problem with MMORPG's is that you cannot stick to one. Since there will always be a time, maybe a couple of months after or even a couple of days that a new MMORPG, better and more fun, will come out.

    As for now my most anticipated games are:
    ZerA -
    Granado Espada -
    City of Villains
    Endless Saga
    Tabula Rasa

    As a MMORPG Jumper like me (i dont stick to 1 game), I find alot of games I really drool on and actually play them before even it become available in english. Though after a few months, another game arrives that is better.

    MMORPG Gaming is expensive :( I need to get a job that can suit that, well my job before can but it's kinda hard working in a Company that's into Online Gaming ;) So I left for other personal reasons lol.

    It's more fun to be a gamer afterall! hehe


  • LebbbLebbb Member Posts: 52

    I agree with Clexle in his opinion that you should wait for the next generation of MMORPGs to choose one you will play for a long time.Until that you can try some trials or take part in betatests.
    The games I anticipate most:Granado Espada-I dont know when the release will be,but alpha test is going
    Spellborn - release is planned on 01.06.06
    2 ionicwings:Will Endless Saga be something different from Lineage 2 type of games?


  • ionicwingsionicwings Member Posts: 109

    [quote]Originally posted by Lebbb

    2 ionicwings:Will Endless Saga be something different from Lineage 2 type of games?[/b][/quote]

    I really dont have info for Endless Saga... but since it's webzen im thinking it would be quite near (as for the graphics) to Sun Online (another new MMORPG on devt from webzen).

    Though I really appreciate companies like Ncsoft for making a big change in the usual MMORPG... like City of heroes, City of Villains and Tabula Rasa. And for another new features of Granado Espada. Zera is impressive if you talk about graphics though as for the gameplay i am not sure. I will update you guys if open beta starts ^^

    Just have a huge pocket stuffs with lotsa bucks cost these games aint come cheat hehe

  • LebbbLebbb Member Posts: 52

    After watching Zera's screens and videos I think it is something like Guild Wars but without instanced zones
    (I may be wrong)


  • MordenMorden Member Posts: 36
    I played Eve online for 2 years, Great game but lack of content and I got hooked on WOW :). Iam sticking with WOW for now. Its a great game and both my Wife and I have a blast palying it. Iam also looking forward to PoTBS.
  • Fullmetall11Fullmetall11 Member Posts: 87

    I've chosen a game that i would like to play for awhile until the new generation of games come out or until OUTO ASSAULT comes out but any way, i've been playing a game called ROSE online for it to be in beta stage it's a good game they could still use more jobs. Anyhoo i was wondering if anyone has Played THANG online or KAL online if so please post your opinions about the game.

    Is it worth DownLoading?

  • VendelVendel Member Posts: 12

    I'M waiting for Dongeon and Dragon Online, it does seem to stand out from the Wow/EQ genre which gets boring quickly. Collecting items and farming isn't my style of play at all, raid party of 40 and more is just annoying.


    An alternative to DDO for me is either Dark and Light, Age of Conan or Lord of the Ring. Heh hopefully there will be one of these game that will be more appealing to those who likes well designed quests and challenging encounters.  PvP isn,t so a viable alternative to me, in most cases it is only pointless (unless you like challenges) though if I look for some challenge (as in PvP) I'd rahter play Ghost Recon or Battlefield 2. An immersive world would be great as well, WoW and EQ2 almsot drags you in, untill you realize better.

  • moonfogmoonfog Member Posts: 979

    Im waiting for Age of Conan. In the mean time Im having a blast with EQ2, having to much fun actually...

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