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CearaCeara Member Posts: 75

Many poeple want to  form guilds with their friends and family members

We invite you to join the aliance of guilds, we will be a comunity based aliance of guilds pulling together  for the  good of all

you can now have your cake and eat it too

form your guild of inner circle of friends and join the aliance of guilds

we will be there for you when you need us

and we will call  on you when  we need you

our crafters will work  with your crafters our people will join  your guilds

don't  be discouraged if your guild has only 12 members our aliance will be strong

and  it will enable all small guilds to flourish

JOin the Aliance of guilds

PM me ceara for further info

DNL  officail website

pm ceara

or pm in game after launch

Ceara the crafter

dont be left alone when the seige of your city comes to you  We will be there for you




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