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Lack of caring or customer support from kingsisle

malechite138malechite138 Member UncommonPosts: 4
     I had some time this weekend and decided to go into game and play some wizard101. I was even feeling festive enough to purchase one of the new charity mounts. So I'm playing on 12-21-18, and I find a full group to go into the Caleban dungeon. About halfway through the dungeon I get killed. Someone had attacked, so I told them something along the lines of "no worries, I'm here for the quest". I knew I could just come back after drinking a bottle to the dungeon and continue with them like we all always do. However it glitched, and instead of sending me back to Empyra, it gave me 1 health point after the fight was over? So I figured it was a glitch, drank a bottle to regain health and mana, and continued on with the group. Several fights later we reach Caleban. I was present and alive when he was killed. But one of the minions killed me (0 health), so I told everyone I would brb, and like we all do, used flee, drank a bottle to regain health, and then used the X to return to the dungeon. It returned me to the room before the fight, so I climbed the ladder and rejoined the group. We killed the last mob as a group of 4 again, and everyone got credit for the dungeon except me. It gave me 2 experience alerts (one for 144810, and the other for 0?), so I took a screenshot of it and wrote to kingsisle support for help. They told me that when you flee, you always lose credit. This has not always been the case. I'm sure many of you who read this will say to yourselves, I flee and drink a bottle and come back all the time and get credit for the dungeon. In most cases that seems to be the way it works. We've all done it and seen it done.  I told them everyone does it, and they responded with: "If you flee the dungeon for any reason, the quest resets and you do not get credit even if you defeat the boss. You must remain in the dungeon at all time in order to get credit for the quest. You must have someone resurrect your character, instead of fleeing so that you can continue the fight.
This is not a bug or a glitch, this is how dungeons work. It is part of the challenge of a dungeon - having a strategy for when you die and can't leave the dungeon". 
I pointed out that the webpage they sent me with the "rules" on how dungeons work actually says the opposite, and that all players flee and return and almost universally get credit for the dungeon. The page the sent me:

Specifically it it says "Dungeons must be completed to get full credit. Logging out, leaving through the Dungeon entrance, going to another dungeon, playing a Mini-game, going to a PvP or Derby match, or going to your home will reset the Dungeon. Leaving any other way gives you 30 minutes to return before the Dungeon resets".

Meaning if you flee, you have 30 minutes to return and finish that dungeon for credit (according to the wording on the very page they pointed me to for the "rules". Yet I got experience, but no "credit" for completing the quest. I know many will think or want to say something along the lines's a game, you're meant to enjoy it...just do the dungeon again. However as someone who's played for the better part of a decade, this has become a matter of principal. I have 6 characters and they are usually all at max. So when they add 5 levels like they just did for Empyra part 2, I'm not having to just go level 5 times. I'm having to level 6 characters 5 times. Now factor in how many dungeons you have to complete to gain 1 level and you end up with probably around 100 hours of game time to get all your characters back up to being max level. So to get to the end of a dungeon and not get credit; and then even worse, write to customer support to have them tell you to it's always been like this, when we all know the rules and how the game works (when you can flee, when you can't...what dungeons you can return to and which ones you can' get the idea) is quite maddening. And right before Christmas. In the past when I've had problems or had to write to support, they've been great. This time they were quite short, unsympathetic, and borderline rude. "Period". (that's how the last message I received ended "We have stated the rules in our first email to you. We are not going to debate this with you. We are telling you what you need to do to get credit, and this the only way, period".) Awesome holiday spirit eh? But their rudeness and lack of holiday spirit doesn't have to be mine. So to everyone who took the time to read this, I hope you have a merry Christmas, and happy holidays. Cheers.
Fleeing in battles in Wizard101(0 health, flee, drink bottle, X return to dungeon)
  1. Have you ever fled from battle, and returned after healing & gotten credit for beating the dungeon?1 vote
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  • malechite138malechite138 Member UncommonPosts: 4
    They did finally advance me to the next quest. It took me keeping the incident open over the weekend and Christmas holiday, and a letter to the BBB. It was escalated to the "senior wizards" and eventually they gave me credit for the dungeon and advanced me. Sometimes you have to be the squeaky wheel I guess. But Thank you KingsIsle for doing the right thing. As a long time customer and player I was pleased that you did it right in the end. You might want to update what that 3rd party reads however, because they were telling me stuff that was incorrect. As a longtime player I knew what they were telling me was incorrect, but it was quite frustrating. I'm glad I can get back to playing and leveling now though. Happy holidays everyone.

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