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Refer a Friend Link...20% off Backer packs and Play Test access.

cranthugcranthug Member UncommonPosts: 102

Title says it all.  If you have been looking to give it a go the link above has 5 pips left.  Treat yoself....but be ready to pony up because if I understand this correctly it is not a free trial but a discount for purchasing the game.  

Here is the accompanied text from the email which this link was contained in...

"As a loyal backer of CrowfallⓇ with a Guild or Guild Creation entitlement - you have a 5-use link to share! Invite friends to join you in Crowfall’s First Campaign!

When friends register using your Crow Link, they receive 20% off the purchase of any Backer Pack! You receive 500 crowns when they purchase any Pack. PLUS 1,000 crowns will be added to your Guild Bank when friends join your guild on/before official beta!"

Terms & Conditions apply
* This offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offers.
* The 20% discount will applied at checkout.
* The Crow Link is only valid on new accounts that have not registered an account on and must be redeemed on or before 11:59 PM CT//4:59 PM GMT on January 31, 2019. 
* Each Crow Link can be used up to 5 times, once per new Crowfall account.
* The referred friend, upon use of the Crow Link, must purchase a Starter (Backer) Pack, each of which includes early access to Crowfall. The purchase of any of the available Backer Packs, will entitle the Referring Backer with a bonus reward of 500 crowns per referred friend that completes the purchase using the code. Crowns can be used to purchase items in the online Crowfall Store. 
* The 20% discount applies to the purchase of the Backer Pack only.
* Note: Friends using the link will see this message when the code has reached the maximum number of redemptions, “All activations on this link have been used.”

Remember, there is no whining about PvP in a PvP game!  :)  Message me directly if you want to team up in the future, busy with work as of late but fully intend to play actively one fine day.  Good luck, have fun!

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