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New World of Warcraft Shop Mount - The Vulpine Familiar -



  • ceratop001ceratop001 Member RarePosts: 1,568
    It's just a mount. I don't understand all the crying.
  • cheyanecheyane Member EpicPosts: 6,108
    ch ching
  • MargraveMargrave Member RarePosts: 1,115
    This is an attempt to get the attention away from how they've messed things up.

    Screw over Blizcon, upset the playerbase, release a terrible expansion, etc.

    "Quick! Release a new mount! It'll get the mad people mad at something else, and those that buy it will get us some more money too!"
  • PhryPhry Member EpicPosts: 10,405
    More $parkle Ponie$ because everyone loves $parkle Ponie$  ;)

    Whether the short term gains will offset subscriber losses due to BfA being a flop, who knows. :/
  • ConstantineMerusConstantineMerus Member EpicPosts: 2,535
    Torval said:
    You guys make me cry sometimes. After all the disappointment and outrage this year over their casual disregard for their fanbase we're excited over a new cash shop mount. The expansion isn't "fixed" and won't be until it's nearly run its course, if all. The despair of futility.
    The truth is that people love microtransactions and love to buy pretty things. 
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