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World of Warcraft - Crucible Of Storms Raid Fly Through -

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 3,129
edited December 2018 in Videos Discussion

imageWorld of Warcraft - Crucible Of Storms Raid Fly Through -

In a new video, LeystTV takes a look at the Crucible of Storms raid coming in World of Warcraft v8.1 "Tides of Vengeance". Considered a small raid with a duo of bosses, the raid has a heavy Old Gods theme throughout that's definitely worth a shiver or two.

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  • AlbatroesAlbatroes Member LegendaryPosts: 6,483
    I know I might be in the minority but I really wish X.X.5 patches weren't included into X.1 etc patches. If you look at what you're getting in tomorrow's patch (actual 8.1) you dont really get a whole lot aside from some QoL changes and stuff that should've been there day one of the expansion (i.e. token systems for half the content, an additional warfront at launch which even Ion agreed should've been added at launch, job adjustments that got completely backlogged since alpha and still haven't really been addressed to the degree they said they would address them resulting in them just doing number adjustments which could've been done earlier, etc). 8.1.5 has the "first" new raid and the ilvl increase as well as the allied races. This new "mini" raid will be out closer to 8.2, so you wont even get to experience the "entire" patch until like march/april.
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