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Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter Four Coming December 11th -



  • evolgrinzevolgrinz Member UncommonPosts: 128

    Asm0deus said:

    evolgrinz said:

    Sharne said:

    evolgrinz said:

    LeFantome said:

    Give me a story, a real purpose and I'll play the game.

    You make your own story and own purpose. That's the whole idea of a sandbox game.

    I get it why there is so much hate for this game. It's not very beginner friendly, with little guidance to help you start out. But once you get into the game, maybe watch some beginner tip videos on youtube etc. you will discover a very nice game with a lot of stuff to do. You just have to put more time than 1-2 hours into the game to see that.

    If Elite:Dangerous is too much for you, then maybe No Man's Sky is for you, or the recently released X4: Foundations, which are both a bit less "hardcore" and easier to play.

    Good game with loads to do if you put the effort in to find it? Yes

    Sandbox ? No (the BGS cant be considered sand as most of the changes made that affect it and its outcomes and managed by FD)

    I have to correct you there. The BGS is not controlled by FD. As a player you can influence the BGS a lot. If you do missions of another faction than the controlling faction and raise it's influence you can unchain a war. Fighting a war on the other side than the controlling faction will make the faction you are fighting for the new controlling faction if they win the conflict.

    You can also trade and if you trade enough with a station, you can put it into a boom state.

    You can also keep working for a faction and make that faction expand to another system.

    You can help stations that are in outbreak, to help them get out of it.

    And with the new patch, stations can be attacked by Thargoids and you will have to help the station to fight them or the stations will be damaged and most services can't be used anymore until you aided the station in repairs.

    and all that is just a small part of the BGS.

    All true but it very very difficult to do significant changes and forget about doing it alone. Any big changes are controlled by FD to the point they have to actually step in and manually do changes at times.

    I'm a backer and don't regret it, I love playing the game albeit in small doses but no one can argue they haven't made stupid decision after stupid decision add to this that they are nerf happy and love to make thing extremely tedious.

    Chances are if you find something fun, profitable and outside the "usual box" FD will nerf it into boring blandness due to whiners in the official forums crying about it.

    This game is a marathon, not a sprint.
    If you want instant gratification, then I agree. Elite is tedious and boring.
    I personally enjoy the slow pace. Feels so good when you can finally buy and fit that big ship you had your eyes on.
    And for the BGS, you can do them solo (I have), but it's easier and faster to do it in a group.
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