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WoW Classic - Why?



  • LawlmonsterLawlmonster Member UncommonPosts: 1,078
    edited July 30
    I've played on plenty of private servers, it's all fine in the moment. The biggest problems I've encountered are a lack of general moderation, instability (both in regards to the security of an account and longevity of a server), and content or mechanics that have been backwards engineered, or are still not working the way Blizzard originally intended. I played retail vanilla, and while I can recognize it won't be exactly the same when it relaunches in August, I have more faith in Blizzard to faithfully reproduce that experience. It's also worth mentioning that I'd prefer to pay for that service, because that's the fulcrum of the argument for why myself and many others played on private servers to begin with: because it was no longer being offered by the owners of the intellectual property.

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