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Which game is worth playing?

Which of the following is worth playing? I like games with PvP, trading skills and has a large community. Stuff like heaps of quests and a large map is great as well ::::28::
I'm also looking for a game that can keep me busy for several months

I've already played GW... it was fun for a couple of months only....



  • JoeyNippsJoeyNipps Member Posts: 186
    If you are easily bored (I suspect this considering the topic), I would say none of the choices will keep you amused for very long (again depending on what one means by very long).  Of course, it does depend on your willingness to endure repetition.

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  • VicAlonzoVicAlonzo Member UncommonPosts: 72

    Daoc is by far the best in that list, check out the trial and see for urself mate ::::28::

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  • FrostWyrmFrostWyrm Member Posts: 1,036

    Cant comment on all of the games since of the list I've only played CoH
    and EQ2. Even still it's all a matter of playstyle. If you're a casual
    gammer, both EQ2 and CoH are good choices. Personally I think both get
    repetative pretty quickly too.

    CoH has an awesome character creation tool, the most fun I had in that
    game was creating new characters and just jumping from rooftop to
    rooftop after gaining my travel power (super jump) on my main. May sound
    boring but I liked it. There's no autoattack in combat, you have hotkeys
    for each of your powers (which range from a normal punch, to radioactive
    eye lasers) so you cant just point, click, and watch your hero take down
    thugs. I think it adds a feeling of action to the game. Downside is
    you're really doing the same thing over and over for the entire game.
    There's no equipment to fortify your hero, only lvling and getting new
    powers does this, although there are "enhancements" you come across that
    add a small bit of effectiveness to your powers, problem with the
    enhancement system is that as you lvl up, the ones you have dont retain
    their original strength, they get weaker. So buying higher lvl ones of
    the same type isnt making you stronger, it's maintaining your current

    EQ2 is pretty hardware intensive. If you dont have a top of the line
    graphics card, cpu, and especially plenty of RAM, dont expect the game
    to look even remotely like the screenshots you see. In fact, without at
    least a gig of RAM, the game becomes pretty unplayable in many zones
    (Qeynos Harbor is one of the worst). Combat is typical of most MMORPG's.
    You hit autoattack, then hotkey your specials. There are "Heroic
    Opportunities", which are similar to FFXI's "Skillchian" system if
    you're familiar, only in my opinion poorly implemented, where certain
    skills done in succession have an added effect. It's very linear,
    everything in the game, is set to a 10 lvl scale, often reffered to as
    tiers. Most new equipment is wearable every 5 lvls, and despite the
    so-called "dynamic" character creation system, you pretty much end up
    looking like every other character of the same race/class/lvl as you. If
    you're a casual gamer and none of that bothers you, you may think of
    trying it.

    To sum it up (why the hell didnt I just say this from the start?) CoH
    and EQ2 are both more casual friendly. You'll likely have loads more fun
    with CoH, but you'll probably tire of it faster than EQ2. As for DAoC
    and WoW (and this is based purely on 2nd hand info), with WoW, obviously
    since it's the more recent of the two, it has better graphics, and
    doesnt feel like an old game. It's also very easy and casual-friendly.
    With DAoC, you get more depth, higher lvl of difficulty, and you have to
    actually put forth the time and effort to get anywhere in the game. It's
    more like a twin of the old EQ. Not like an evil bizarro twin, but just
    very similar in features, engine, and playstyle.

    Hope thats enough to help you make a decision (or at least catch a
    refreshing, yet unexpected nap). Think I'm gonna go write a short story
    and pass it off as a novel now. Mmmm....residuals.

  • tricontricon Member Posts: 141

    You may wish to try EQ2 or Daoc.

    In terms of contents, these 2 games may hold your attention longer than COH or WOW.

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  • FraggleFraggle Member UncommonPosts: 117

    Originally posted by Triss21

    Which of the following is worth playing? I like games with PvP, trading skills and has a large community. Stuff like heaps of quests and a large map is great as well ::::28::
    I'm also looking for a game that can keep me busy for several months
    I've already played GW... it was fun for a couple of months only....

    Eq2 doesn't have any pvp yet so it may not appeal to you right now.  Although it does have complex crafting/trading and quite a large community.

    DaoC has pretty good pvp but it will take you a long long time before you are able to compete with the veteran players although I believe there are new servers opening.   Crafting is relatively simple and some servers are lacking in population.

    WoW has reasonable pvp but it's rather pointless as it has no affect on the game itself.  Crafting is pretty simple but it does have a large community and map.

    Can't comment on CoH as I've never played.

    You might want to also consider SWG as it has all the requirements you're after.  However, recent combat changes and proliferation of jedi characters might put some people off!

    Edit : Keep an eye out for Dark & Light - it promises to have all your requirements.

  • DinionDinion Member Posts: 879

    DAoC new servers came up earler this month.

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    MMO hopefuls: Age of Conan.

  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,923

    WoW and CoH-easy plug and play game.Also great if you only wanna play 1 hour or less.

    EQ2 and DAoC-less user friendly,take more time to get anything done  but has more content  then above.


  • ZeroDepthZeroDepth Member Posts: 142

    WoW has a large community, time consuming to lvl at higher lvls, and is a decent overall game from what I've heard.

    Ragnarok Online is similar to WoW in gameplay somewhat as well.

  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    The only game I have a positive experience in that list, is CoH.


    I buy all those 4 games. 

    WoW is an overgrown EQ tutorial, no point in playing it after you play EQ.

    EQ2 is a nice game...for guild oriented persons.  So if you are a female over 50, it is possibly the perfect game for you.  If you are not a female over 50, then ask yourself just how much you care for everything to be done inside the guild, everything thinked around the guild...most non- 50ish females cant stand that setting in a 90% ratio if not more.  It is a little like a Japanese company mentality, but in a really need to be social oriented to enjoy it.  After 1 week, I was knowing I would rather do ANYTHING else then spend more time there.  But EQ2 is a VERY nice and unique product.  (not every 50+ female will like EQ2, a generality is never a complete rule for everyone).   If you think your RL family dont call you enough, then EQ2 is the MMO for you...if you think your RL family call you to much, stay FAR away.

    DAoC...if you dont want everything to resolve around RvR PvP, stay FAR away from that game, no matter what they claim, it is not nice for peoples who dont enjoy RvR PvP.

    CoH...saddly the game is aging bad.  It is deteriorating fast, but it is still the best MMO on the market, I could start to list the good points of the game, but they are just to many, just be aware that every Issue they bring, they destroy the game a little more(with the exception of Issue 1...and maybe Issue 2 if you are not a casual).

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