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A sentence that guides and drives me and my squadmates, but what about the rest of you?

Wake up people! There is a war on!

It's US vs THEM and yet many pilots seem to be ignoring this fact. Many, it apears, see the Conflux not as an enemy to be destroyed on sight or hunted for imediate eradication, but merely an inconvinience to be avoided.

I want to change that, the Conflux ARE the enemy and the Conflux MUST all die !!

To this end, I will shorly be running a month long program of Conflux extermination across the galaxy in the form of a contest open to all. It is about blood and guts determination, mental concentration and non stop aggression aimed towards the foulness that is the Conflux presence. But contests need prizes dont they? What do you win?

Once more I call you to wake up and smell the pools of biomass splatter dripping from every Flux Clearance ship that docks at your stations. The prize IS the pride and honour of fighting the good fight, of pushing back the Conflux Hoard and Exterminating them without mercy!

Yes, we have lives to lead, yes there are things that need to be done to maintain our civilisation but if the Conflux had their way, our civilisation, our very existance would cease to be.

So the time has come to stand up and say NO! to the conflux presence in our galaxy, lock and load all weapons and send the scumflux to hell!!

Any pilot wishing to take part in this galaxy wide offensive against the Conflux, sign up for a pilots liscence at then add your name to the list at either at or the official jossh forums and be a hero.

From 16 August 1900(gmt) till 16 September 1900(gmt) I will monitor all volunteers flux kills and flux/hour over the month long period posting it on a dedicated galaxy wide web page.

Lets see who can keep up the pace, who can remain focused on the goal.. Flux Clearance!

All those who do not whish to take part, do not post, just hide inside your POS's while Flux Clearance and the Hero's of space open fire without reprieve on the Conflux Hoards!!


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