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Star Trek Fleet Command Review: A New Era in Star Trek Mobile Gaming - Not So MMO -



  • gair22gair22 Member UncommonPosts: 15
    I play SWGOH and MSF both on mobile. Gradually these pay to win games are just getting worse. Star Trek Fleet Commander isn't even ranked anywhere near on quality as the other genres. Areas where voice or sound effects could be are completely barren. There is no actual ship combat or strategy element. Placing structures in predefined areas in predetermined times (levels/ranks) with no say involved is not actual strategy.

    Stuff to note:

    -It is Star Trek
    -Relatively descent roster, but unfortunately like SWGOH has duplicate characters due to era
    -No actual combat
    -Cookie cutter tier upgrade mechanics that don't really belong in Star Trek
    -Base building "looks" cool, but functionally abysmal due to illogical functionality. (Like steel making officers better)

    Research - 35,000 units (which can be bought ironically in a starter pack) to increase damage by 100%. P2W all day here.

    Final verdict: 3/10

  • TarricTarric Member UncommonPosts: 8
    Been playing for a couple weeks:
    1] buggy as hell. UI freezes, crashes, has even caused an outright phone crash twice. Use at your own risk
    2] fun but after level 10 you start to feel the pay-to-win aspects
    3] after level 15 pay-to-win is in full force. It becomes excruciatingly difficult to mine enough resources to upgrade your ships due to cash players who bought one of the most powerful ships in the game, out just players 4-5 levels higher than you killing your miner over and over.

    Honestly the pve aspects of the game are great. There just aren't enough. The PvP is broken and imbalanced. The game is still extremely buggy too.
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