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WORM_VB.AS *Alert*

doobsterdoobster Member Posts: 736

Recently my computer has been lagging, running slow, etc.

I run a free virus scan at and it gives me 650 infected files, 1 worm, 39 spyware, and a security breach in a microsoft product.

My whole life I have looked down upon file sharing, and have even gave a speach as to why its bad, and hurts the [music/gaming] industry.  Recently I was talking with a freind about an old game and we used to love to play called Dungeon Keeper.  I have bought the game before, but misplaced my disk so i searched the web for any free version, or a direct 2 drive version where i can download it directly and pay for the game again.  I couldnt find anything, and wanted to play so badly that I downloaded LimeWire and got the game.  WORM_VB.AS propagates via this program, and I caught the worm.  All of the infected files were in a folder supposedly called "Complete" in my Documents and Settings folder.  I checked before i deleted the infected files but i couldnt find this folder. gave me steps on how to delete this worm, but the first step is to open up "taskmanager" via "Control-Alt-Delete" or "Control-Shift-Escape" keystroke.  I am unable to get to my taskmanager this way, nothing comes up after performing those keystrokes (one reason i started to get suspisious).  So besides trying to warn anyone out there that it only takes ONE time to catch a virus, my questions are:

1] Does anyone know anything about WORM_VB.AS?

2] Does anyone know a different way to open up my taskmanager?

3] What should I do?

Here you can read about the virus.

Other weird things have been happening on my computer aswell, like getting weird errors when trying to access a forum i've been frequenting for the past 4 years.

Someone help!


  • strigoiviistrigoivii Member Posts: 173

    why would you download a file thats called ""?(i know you where trying to download a pirated game, but those are usually listed as ISO files) anyways, i would just reformat...quick and easy.

  • doobsterdoobster Member Posts: 736

    I'm not stupid enough to download a file called

    I downloaded a pirated game.iSO. (and I have already boughten the game TWICE in the past, i had just misplaced my copys, i know one of them is with my Cousin.)

  • CopelandCopeland Member Posts: 1,955

    right click on your tool bar at the bottom and it should have taskmanager in the menu that pops up.

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