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Night Glitter / Alliance ( argent dawn eu )

kreakrea Member UncommonPosts: 229
edited November 2018 in Guilds
Guild name: Night Glitter
Faction: Alliance
Type: zero-toxic / friendly / casual /pve / pvp / light rp
Concept: All around guild doing all kind of ingame things like pve / pvp / rp / transmog runs etc and other fun activities.

We dont just want random players that just login and logout but a guild where it feels like ( family ) and ppl actualy talk / know each other and overal have a great place in wow that you can call home.

We do raid Heroic mode and are 5/8 but we are not a raiding guild only since we are casual and we have players with all kind of different activities they enjoy .

Guild master: Fathelos
Recruiting officer:
Nimly ( battlenet: Krea#21579 )

Or ask any member so they can direct you to (recruitment) officer for more questions and info .
Guild-forum/website: Mostly active on discord ( website work in progress)
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