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ARK: Extinction Launches for PlayStation 4 & XBox One

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 5,023
edited November 2018 in Videos Discussion

imageARK: Extinction Launches for PlayStation 4 & XBox One

Console ARK: Survival Evolved players can now head into the game to check out the newest content from Extinction. Players will find a new map and a complete story line to adventure through as well as literally tons of new creatures to tame. Players will also be able to hunt down massive Titans that roam the surface of the planet and that dwarf even the most fearsome dinosaur in a player's arsenal.

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  • nastilonnastilon Member UncommonPosts: 149
    Sorry my question pertains to PC. I bought the original ARK back when it was in early access, at least a year ago. At that time it had severe performance issues even with a GTX 1080. Is all that resolved now? I would definitely try it again.
  • HeraseHerase Member RarePosts: 992
    Seems to run fine for me now, had the same problem, but can't speak for others.

    Admittedly still buggy as hell
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