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Bill Murphy - Fallout 76 May Be the Sandbox MMO We've Been Waiting For -

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,127
edited November 2018 in News & Features Discussion

imageBill Murphy - Fallout 76 May Be the Sandbox MMO We've Been Waiting For -

Yes, it's true - Fallout 76 limits players-per-world to 24. And to some, that's going to disqualify it from MMO status off the bat. I get why, I just hope MMO fans don't write off the game because of this number. Because at its core, it's the best new online RPG experience I've had in ages.

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  • AeanderAeander Member LegendaryPosts: 6,631
    A sandbox without toys and full of piss and broken glass.
  • alkarionlogalkarionlog Member EpicPosts: 3,564
    again with this random nonsense articles?

    again fallout 74 is nothing we need or want, is jsut a money brag, killing all the lore, stop trying to sell crap as a good thing
    FOR HONOR, FOR FREEDOM.... and for some money.
  • AvarixAvarix Member RarePosts: 665
    I'm surprised by how many articles I see with so many positives about this game. I'm not usually overly harsh on my critique of games but this game looks awful. So much so that it should be a major blow to Bethesda's reputation.
  • ElvocElvoc Member RarePosts: 522
    Bill is there an Offline mode? I mean the Multiplayer sounds great but what happens after the game is out for a while and players move on? Are we going to get another server close and just not be able to play it?
  • bobbymcswansonbobbymcswanson Member UncommonPosts: 187
    edited November 2018
    I'm pretty hype for 76...nice article bill...looks like a fun co op experience...good thing opinions on this site aren't any indication of success in the market....

    most of y'all are horribly out of touch if you think you're gonna get another massive tripple A theme park...too much money and time when most of theme park players stick to small groups anyway these days....don't like PvP, or item loss, so the economy would be shit or non existent...and they eat through content at an astounding rate and then complain about nothing to development team can keep up with your they aren't.
  • Cuppett5Cuppett5 Member UncommonPosts: 154
    edited November 2018
    I've really enjoyed playing the beta so far. It's got it's bugs and problems right now but what beta doesn't. I thought I was going to be bored like every survival game Conan, Ark, New World (yes I've played it, boring as shit). There are a ton of missions and the map is fun to explore. I bet they'll release a ton of content with expansions in the future! I might stick it out in this one for a while. There is so much to do and it's in the Fallout universe! Enjoy!
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  • SepellBadeSepellBade Member UncommonPosts: 20
    I'm really looking forward to this, and it will be a new experience for me. I played all the other fallout's with god mode on. (I know it's lame) But now there is no god mode so it will force me to play the game as intended. Looking forward to see if I can survive without cheats. Also I like the whole crafting aspect. I'm one of those guys who races through a game and never takes the time to explore anything. Things will be changing for me, let's hope I'm not as crap as I think I am :P
  • ScorchienScorchien Member LegendaryPosts: 7,898
    edited November 2018
    Lol .. no makes it very easy to disqualify it as an MMO  with 24 per instance .. very easy ..

      Its a multi player Survival game and looks to be a very fun one , and there is nothing wrong with that
  • jj7009jj7009 Member UncommonPosts: 223
    edited November 2018
    You see I take the toaster analogy to the next level. Full optimization would be like sliding a piece of bread cleanly into the toaster. The level of optimization this game has is like trying to shove a whole loaf pumpernickel bread into one.
  • hikaru77hikaru77 Member UncommonPosts: 1,123
    If you like survival MMO games and Fallout, the game is perfect and have an insane amount of potential. if not, wait for fallout 5. 
  • ConstantineMerusConstantineMerus Member EpicPosts: 2,708
    By MMO Bill means More Maggots Online than your regular Fallout game. 
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  • NildenNilden Member EpicPosts: 3,338
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  • MaxBaconMaxBacon Member EpicPosts: 7,326
    edited November 2018
    Wasn't Destiny 2 also the MMO we've been waiting for? And The Division before that one? And why not GTA V Online? I swear this God this site plugs any AAA small online multiplayer game as MMO these days.

    It's quite simple, what you were looking to describe Fallout 76 as is Online RPG, you don't need to put MMO in there to imply its RPG aspect.
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  • SpottyGekkoSpottyGekko Member EpicPosts: 6,916
    MaxBacon said:
    Wasn't Destiny 2 also the MMO we've been waiting for? And The Division before that one? I swear this God this site plugs any AAA small online multiplayer game as MMO these days. --'
    Well, as "real" MMO launches become scarcer and scarcer, MMORPG.COM has to improvise a bit to keep their brand relevant, lol
  • BadSpockBadSpock Member UncommonPosts: 7,979
    I bit the bullet and preordered. Hope to get some time in the Thursday beta (I think there is another beta Thursday?)
  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586
    Most of the reviews I've been reading, or viewing on YouTube, haven't been as glowing as this one. The reviews haven't been terrible mind you but they've pointed out some negatives along with positives. I did learn a couple of more things about Fallout 76 here so I'm grateful & that free trial idea definitely has merit I think in enticing potential buyers. I'll just wait & keep seeking info. about it on PC for now.
  • BloodaxesBloodaxes Member EpicPosts: 4,523
    What's there to do besides pvp at endgame?

    Seems to me it's another survival game with a fallout skin.

  • MaxBaconMaxBacon Member EpicPosts: 7,326
    edited November 2018
    Well, as "real" MMO launches become scarcer and scarcer, MMORPG.COM has to improvise a bit to keep their brand relevant, lol
    There are few real MMO's in development yes, but those that are put this titles to shame because they won't compare on the slightest to their world scale and/or PvP scale MP aspects, that is where the core MMO comes from, the RPG elements are what comes after, not what makes it so.

    It's like they have to put the MMO on it so you understand Fallout 76 has one multiplayer RPG experience?
  • RiannesRiannes Member UncommonPosts: 98
    Flawed game but a game that focus on being fun. Having a good time and loving it.
  • XarkoXarko Member EpicPosts: 1,172
    I dont think so, Bill.
  • PhryPhry Member LegendaryPosts: 11,004
    Its not a MMO, its not a sandbox, tbh its the kind of game you can probably have fun with if your playing it with a couple of your IRL friends.
    As for the rest, it has issues, the game engine should have been put out to pasture years ago and it really shows. :/
  • BluelinerBlueliner Member UncommonPosts: 158
    These games are not MMOs just stop it already. this is just yet another online survival game with limited server population.
  • SpiiderSpiider Member RarePosts: 948
    Its lammeo and not mmo. 24 players per server is an insult to mmo world.

    No fate but what we make, so make me a ham sandwich please.

  • perrin82perrin82 Member UncommonPosts: 274
    I agree it's not a MMO, but out of respect to Bill (I think he has earned it all of these years) he was just trying to bring another option to people looking for something on a smaller scale.

    I'll be waiting to see what happens six to eight months from now, however I do hope it is successful.
  • Tom272Tom272 Member UncommonPosts: 30
    I love your article Bill, but atm this is a train wreck of a game... Im not sure what will change up until launch but people expect more out of such a title..
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