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Open Beta All Class Characters Abilities vs Ultimate Skills Gameplay Showcase

stayontargetstayontarget Tacoma, WAMember UncommonPosts: 6,477
edited October 2018 in Lost Ark

Velika: City of Wheels: Among the mortal races, the humans were the only one that never built cities or great empires; a curse laid upon them by their creator, Gidd, forced them to wander as nomads for twenty centuries...

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  • CitizenX007CitizenX007 Member UncommonPosts: 8
    I'm glad I just discovered this game...saved me from longing over it for the past two years! Can't wait til it comes to the US/Europe.
  • Cybersig211Cybersig211 chicago, ILMember UncommonPosts: 121
    Incredibly interested if this is a solid ARPG-MMORPG, something ive been craving...with D3 and POE being two of the games ive played most over the last 10 years....

    Lets just hope they can launch a global/western version quick enough to capitalize on some hype.  Nothing i hate more than an asian game that launches years later here and is continually behind the Korean version in patches.  
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