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CS:GO Update brings major changes and bug fixes in the game

LowellsandersLowellsanders Member UncommonPosts: 134
With Valve releasing a brand new Halloween update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive a few days ago, the developers are back with yet another update. However, unlike the previous one which introduced new features into the game, this one focuses on bringing in some much-needed fixes and changes.

CSGO Update
The CSGO Update adds in fixes for issues like the red health bar not updating and other similar UI issues. These issues are going to be much liked by the community as it helps build the game. However, this is still not the highlight of the update as the update also includes a feature which many of us have been waiting for. The brand new CSGO update finally brings back the game's Brightness settings.
Check out the complete patch notes for CSGO Update down below:

- Fixed red health shadow bar not updating to the correct position sometimes, particularly in the second half.
- Fixed dead players sometimes showing the wrong color skull for their team on the spectator HUD.

- Updated the loading screen for spooky de_cbble.
- The ghost arm models are now properly precached so they will load correctly, fixing a few issues related to view models.

- Re-implemented brightness setting in Panorama video options.
- Fixed long music kit names causing StatTrak MVP count to be clipped.
- Fixed a case where large workshop maps would fail to upload


  • tinesmojeshtinesmojesh Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    edited June 3
    Omg,this was so bad update
  • Chihuahua123Chihuahua123 Newbie CommonPosts: 1
    edited June 7
    Omg,this was so bad update
    Lmao ,Valve really hates CS:GO , huh . NO super tournament like the international for dota , no big updates and events like in other games . I have no stimulus to go back to the game , i really am considering selling all my items on csgo trading sites . But i probably wont because i am addicted to the game , cant start the day without one win in matchmaking what is sometimes hard to get because of annoying looser in my team. I always need co carry every one . But hey ,you do what you gotta do. It will probable be more healthy for me to switch to another game.

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