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A little project I've been working on

ItstimetodealItstimetodeal Member UncommonPosts: 284

A little background I have seen similar setups for Elite Dangerous (I used Roccat on ED) and other flight sims but nothing for mmos.  So I just wanted to get some input on what people thought of my little project.  

My setup was left hand Logitech G13 Right hand Razer Naga.  My keyboard sits up on the desk, it is reachable but does require removing hands to operate.  

My main purpose was for menu items (maps, character screen, inventory..). Once I had the menu items setup I had a lot of room left so added my second action bar.  

The app I used is for Android and apple and called Panels Custom UI builder.  

My current setup is Left hand G13 Right hand Naga and in the middle my samsung tablet.  

I will post what my tablet screen looks like, let me know what you think and if you run a similar setup.



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