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- Crimson Desert Private server had OBT !!!

Andel_SkaarAndel_Skaar Member UncommonPosts: 401

I have some very positive impressions from


There was some time since i stepped out of MMORPG scene ,but this made me return in hope of something amasing being created.

Many here know what a downfall BDO had related to their patches and P2W, and just like ArcheAge it needed to receive the justice it deserved, private server where players would enjoy content and not be preassured by modern times pleague that is p2w , unresponsive customer support nor badly balanced content that has become a trend for nowadays Publishers in mmorpg genre.

The OBT even though it had thousands of players queue-ing at the same time, went smooth ,there were minor bugs like is the purpose of beta, and players had easy access of reporting them while devs were fixing them patching and restarting the server.
The response times, customer support and feedback from Crimson Desert team is functioning as intended, their members are very capable what is mostly important, but as well friendly towards the community not taking a stranger approach but being a part of it and playing the game together with us, drawing the right solutions and being transparent.

The game itself, server capability is amasing, while playing from EU i had around 100 ping, 0 crashes ,and no issues except for my Fraps being blocked by their anticheat software, which is a lot better than what live servers currently have so we can expect healthier server overall both spam and hack related.


I am in no means related to their team, i will be playing it and as a veteran player after seeing so many ups and down of other mmo's once can notice when something is on the right track. Of course we will see how the actual launch goes, but there are many reasons to be both hopefull and hyped about this project.

They have the original files, korean version which allows them to push content faster than live, and oh boy is there quite something to do in this world, if anyone recalls ArcheAge, it has almost aspects of it together with MUCH MORE. Unfortunatelly both live and private server ArcheRage went down the roads of either p2w or incompetent devs pushing for all the wrong things, so most of the population moved on from their servers in search of something done right.

If you like MMORPG's and you miss that feel of open world, exploring, crafting and what not, join us and let us populate their world.
Server will prolly open durring november 2018.


IGN: Rai

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