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Big Warning to anyone thinking of getting the boxed game

eldaraaleldaraal Member Posts: 1

A warning to anyone thinking of buying:

The main payment system for this game is a dodgy outfit called click2pay. It seems they randomly reject credit cards from some people. In order to get the free play time from the boxed set, you need to register with click2pay. End result is a number of people who have bought the boxed version can't even use their free month play time.

To be fair to the game, if you download (rather than buy the set) and use the free trial you can pay by an alternate means - although this seems quite convolted and tricky - I was looking at having to have a paybycash account and a paypal account to get it working, and there are rumours (unconfirmed by me) that this costs more.

In summary, to anyone thinking of trying this, I'd recommend not. It looks really intriguing, but some of the people who want to play won't be able to. I'm pretty annoyed at having wasted the money for the boxed game on something I can't play, I'd be that much more annoyed if I'd used 10 days of my time playing it only to find I couldn't continue. Lucky save I guess.


  • Dirk_GentlyDirk_Gently Member Posts: 193

    Yeah....I couldn't get click2pay to work when NC2 first came out and just gave up. Unfortunately Reakktor seem unable to ditch C2P and bring in a system that actually works due to some deal between their publisher and C2P. C2P are one of the big reasons that server pops are so low.

    You would have to question which idiot signed a contract with C2P that enables them to provide such a bad service and not contravene said contract though.

    A good wife deserves more than half the praise, just as a bad one deserves more than half the blame. - Tacitus

  • solesole Member Posts: 78

    well KK did have financial problems and some shares from KK end up in C2 main corp.

    I was alpha beta testing neocron love the game and the structure of pvp

    but then beta stage 4 cd was shipped home the problem started "BUGs"

    something went terrible wrong somewhere 

    KK hade another payment system with worldpay before  I hade too make a official lawsuit too get my creditcard remove from there database.

    I wouldnt rec neocron or KK to anyone now days.. 

  • eprodigyeprodigy Member Posts: 25

    click2pay's a bit messed up; and it takes a bit of work to get it running, but they are pretty helpful to finding a way if you just call them up. there is also an alternative payment provider paybycash if you are too lazy.

    yeah its not the best; but c2p is apparently has a stake in the company who owns reakktor and they have no choice but to use them.

  • rage3dmixrage3dmix Member Posts: 4

    basicaly the game has a dodgey way to try play it. The customer support I had was rude reply's as if they took it so badly to heart when I only asked a simple question.

    but if your new to the game its alrite for so long it eventualy gets massively boring once you explored all over

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