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RF Online USA [OCT 23] RF 4.25 Update Part 2!

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Hello RF Online!

We will be having a game update during the October 23rd Server Maintenance, with many changes to the game maps. These changes are based on the suggestions from the RF Online survey and your feedback. While this update does not include game balance changes that were suggested, future updates will be implemented to address these issues.

1. Map Changes

A. Beast's Mountain, Outcast's Land, Kartella Bio Lab, and Kartella Bio Lab 2 will be shared between all races. Volcanic Cauldron and Jetso Island will remain race specific maps.

B. Destroyed Novazan map will be accessible. Players will be able to enter this map by going to the upper right hand corner of the Outcast's Land map.


C. The Minimum Level to enter maps has been changed to help players level faster.


*Caravan's Time and Space will require a Key to enter

D. Ether Platform Transport Level reduced to 48, HQ Portal from Kartella Bio Lab 1 removed

2. Pit Boss Timers

Pit Boss Respawn Times are being adjusted, to be more consistent.

HQ PitBoss 13 Hours
Cauldron/Outcast/Beast Mountain 18 Hours
Sette/Ether 8 Hours
Elan/Draco 32 Hours
Dagon/Dagnu 64 Hours

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