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Greg Stafford

ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 12,188
edited October 2018 in Role Playing Discussion
Just found out he died yesterday, so I thought a mention would be appropriate.

He was one of those people who guided Roleplaying from the early days, I say guided because he helped make it as good as it was. From Glorantha and Runequest to Pendragon and Heroquest he made table top roleplaying far better for his touch. He also showed the world of roleplaying how to take a literary set of works and turn it into a roleplaying game, his King Arthur Pendragon was a masterpiece and for me his best work.


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  • ArglebargleArglebargle Member RarePosts: 2,630
    Runequest was the first of the 2nd generation wave of RPGs.  Picked it up shortly after it was released, and it was an eye opener.

    Very sad to hear this, Greg Stafford was a wise man, and good friend.   Hope he's travelling with the ravens now (or whatever his personal pyschopomp might be.)

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