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MapleStory 2 launches 10/10, anyone planning to play?

MightyUncleanMightyUnclean Member EpicPosts: 3,380

Anyone going to give MapleStory 2 a shot?  It launches as free-to-play tomorrow.


  • JeffSpicoliJeffSpicoli Member EpicPosts: 2,849
    I'll be trying it sometime this evening or over the course of the weekend. Its going to have to be something special for me to look past the "theme/graphics" But it sounds cool. I like alot of the features from the minigames to the custom clothing templates you can alter. Sounds like this game has alot of personality and is doing some things different , which is refreshing.
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  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 7,422
    Chamber of Chains
  • aslan132aslan132 Member UncommonPosts: 606
    played in alphas/betas, and loved it. it is alittle childish, but if you get past that, it does have some depth to it. its also very social oriented, i already know people who will do nothing but the housing and hold "social events" there. if you are a "hardcore" gamer that loves endgame and getting the best equips though, the drop rates for epics in dungeons is abysmal. the minigames are fun, and theres plenty to do, if you dont care for grinding dungeons though. 
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