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Here is a ryl player history...

Hi, i have seen many ppl these making judgement about ryl, ryl2...

I have played ryl-ryl:pote for 2 years and i would like to tell you why that im dependent to this game.

First, many ryl lovers know that there is no more game that will make you feel you control your char that full, im talking about keybord mode, jumping, jumping to sides for escape from skills and etc. Graphics arent perfect but skill animations are perfect i think and also there are many items, not only few. And if you ask me ryl1, i can never forget the arena events that we were fighting 150 vs 150 and ryl: pote beta, most beautiful times that i have ever lived in a mmorp game. I had the highest lvled char and the best guild called skeletons, but i couldnt p2p bec of an exam and im sure my friends rocked in p2p again and ryl players must know skeletons well (even many of us left know). Well first, i made 10 new friends that we all lvled together, playing solo in this game is just wasting your time for lvl, you need a good melee party or aoe mage party for lvl up faster otherwise, yes you will get bored and you can judge without seeing anything. We had 50 vs 50 gvg fights, did you ever live these times and you guys can judge easly?

After my exam i wanted to be back to mmorpg and tried guild wars, well it sux bec you cant see any player when you are out of city, well guild wars has perfect graphics and many good things about it to say but this reason makes guild wars nothing for me... After guild wars i tried lineage2, rpg is perfect, main races and great gameplay but after a time i got bored of clicking with mouse to targets bec of playing ryl, any game cant give the action feeling that you have in ryl,im sure of it(i didnt try and sci-fi game coz i only play fantasy games so just talking about action in fantasy mmorpg)

If you guys ever lived these times and got nice friends in a game after a little time, you see game isnt important as friendship and friends you have while playing game, ryl is best way to make friends... 10 ppl in party and everyone has to party for cap xp... thanx for reading.. image


Im the legend.


  • emreyuceemreyuce Member Posts: 7

    you haqn-tanker? wow!! Cool man :D


  • gurkanhugurkanhu Member Posts: 2

    i know too. Haqn you are a cool man and ryl perfect.

    Perfect for us ::::19::

  • StabbyStabby Member Posts: 39

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if you are aware, but we've parnered with a company called GMI so that players can PLAY FOR FREE by filling out a few online surveys per month.

    We will be releasing full details by the end of this week. Check out or for details.

    Have a great day!

  • lord_yuri27lord_yuri27 Member Posts: 37

    wow, thanx for info image


    Im the legend.

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