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A couple Dark Souls 3 reshades I recommend + a couple mods

TheScavengerTheScavenger Member EpicPosts: 3,321
First reshade is the Archetype preset. It keeps relatively the same look, but aims for higher quality and some effects added


Second reshade is Unkindled Ash. This preset also works really well in a lot other games and MMOs I've played and tried it with. For Dark Souls though, it changes how it looks quite a lot


And here are a couple mods I use

This one might be a bit cheaty but I really dislike inventory management in any game lol


this next one unlocks armor that is in the game but not actually IN the game but leftover files of it that they never actually "activated" or put in


And finally the music mod. This will definitely change how the game feels since music adds a lot to it and sets up the atmosphere. I'm still trying it out, but its okay so far. Definitely different, though tbh probably will go back to normal game music


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