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I was part of the problem - Sorry for my clickbait and low effort posts

TheScavengerTheScavenger Member EpicPosts: 3,321
edited September 2018 in Off-Topic Discussion
I was part of the problem that I was complaining about in my other thread in off topic.

I was complaining about how much people troll and hate MMOs on here. And how the forum was filled with trolls who hate MMOs...and maybe a small group are truly like that...

Except, someone put it that for those who enjoyed how MMOs used to be don't have any choice. There is no modern, high quality game like Ultima Online or Everquest 1. No high quality game like SWG or Istaria. Definitely no modern game like Anarchy Online at all. Sure some of those are still playable (ignoring private servers), but those are just examples. People who want MMOs to go back to they used to be are forced to play old MMOs. There should be choices, and the choices in fact are getting smaller and sub based MMOs are made anymore, all focus on cash shop and gameplay is not like gameplay of old MMOs. Its mostly solo focused or if there is a group it still feels like soloing.

Where as people enjoying the new stuff, like me, don't see a problem at all. And that was selfish of me, and I took it out on a lot of other people on the forum. So I thought I'd get back on all the "trolls" that go around complaining (but I realize now they are complaining because they have no choice) and make some of the forum posters look dumb. In the end, it was only me that looked dumb and it kinda ruins the forum for everyone else and doesn't help with quality posts.

Sorry everyone. In the future, I'll go back to how I used to do threads/posts on here and put actual effort into them.

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