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Space Station 13

LerxstLerxst Member UncommonPosts: 647
I've been an on-again-off-again player of the game. After going back to it again, I want to start up a new server that plays the pure vanilla version of the game, without all of the add-ons the dozens of other of servers have included over the years.

I already have interest from other people in places I've posted this, but also wanted to get the MMORPG community's reaction to it.

Space Station 13, for those who don't know, is a difficult, "free access" (saying Free to Play isn't fair, since the game is basically a volunteer effort by a lot of people over many years) game, top-down, high-rez-pixel (hard to explain really, but has a good amount of detail in what would be otherwise simple graphics) game, that can house several dozen, or even 100 people per server. It has a lto of elements that resemble the text based MUDs back in the 90's but includes a nice graphical overlay to all of it.

You all share one common goal - to do your jobs on the space station, whether you're an officer, a cook or a janitor. Role playing is somewhat expected and PvP relies on not being an ass-hat and only playing ti within the boundaries of your character. That said, there are roles that do require PvP conflict with others and there are no artificial restrictions placed on it. If you're a traitor and your secret mission is to kill a doctor (chosen randomly), then blowing up the entire med bay is a totally valid option :smiley:

Too many of the current servers have added so many features and almost re-coded the entire game though, making it more and more inaccessible for newcomers. As it is, the "vanilla" version already has a steep learning curve. Start adding more features that change per specialized server and it gets increasingly difficult for a new player to wrap their heads around. Even having played for a while and being gone for a year, I find the new features difficult to understand the first few weeks.

That's why I'm starting up a "newbie friendly" SS13 server.

  • Controls and features will be vanilla, so documentation will be easy to find and learn. 
  • Role-playing isn't mandatory but welcome, since staying in character while learning how to be a Botanist is a bit of a challenge when there are a ton of OOC questions you'd have.
  • Special roles and antagonists will be limited, so as to not overwhelm a new station, with new players still learning the game... since it takes a good deal of knowledge to deal with a Space Wizard, or even learning how to play one!
The server doesn't take that much to start up since I've done it before. I just don't want to invest the time in one until I have a substantial base of people interested. 

Here's a sample of the game screen:

Note that a lot of the interaction takes place in the text box to the right?

The game does require the BYOND engine to run - It's not the best program to work with, but it is what it is.

Leave a comment here if you're interested - I'm keeping a running tally so far, to see how much interest there is.


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