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Hope is Fragile cause of Disney. Ivan Ortega brought Hope For Thousands of People.

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For all SW Educated Fans o/ With Well educated mean those who know the Lore & True Ways of the Jedi. This is Teaser Trailer so look for Normal Trailer & Full Movie Re-Edit to arrive before end of this Year <3 Remember to dive into Ivan's Videos list as there's some others that are about Re-Editing Horrible SW Ep. 8. I did Shed a tear while watching this & don't care to say it even have some grey beard rising up through red'ish beard. DIDN'T have this feeling or any Good Feelings at one & only SW Episode 8 Cinema Screening. 

I wasn't  the only one there who said "what.." out loud on scene where Luke Tossed the LS over his shoulder & also when he vanished into thin air.. Including the Cybernetic hand :P When people walked out from the building there was lots of Negative Talk & clear frustration in the air. I don't blame them at all.. Ruin Johnson & Kathleen Kennedy Ruined 30+ Years Franchise with few shameful moves on Mickey's SW "Sequel Trilogy" :/ 

Returning OT Characters Could've Shared the Spotlight 50/50 with Jar Jar Finn & the rest of New Characters. If writing done like in Cobra Kai Youtube Series <3 Sadly New Chars have had more Screen Time.  Yes even Purple Haired bad Commander who lacked Military Tactics & was at High Ranking Position..  Many can't understand new Characters cause they lack depth. 

Pushing Returning Chars down to ditch is what Disney & K.Kennedy aimed for  :/ C.Kai is Karate Kid continuation, but from Eyes of Cobra Kai. Everyone who has seen New Cobra Kai knows what i mean. *2x smackies to chest & Raises Fist to salute Mark Hamill*. Braindead writing done for Luke just to get Most loved Character out of the Way with most Ridic. way possible.. :/ Or well maybe there could be many more idiotic ways on Ruin's Head. Luke Would've thought of taking down someone while on zzz ONLY IF gone to Dark Side. Talented Mark Hamill knows the ways of a Jedi & no doubt he's familiar with many SW Novels :) Share this Beauty Teaser Trailer around Wicked Wide Web & Tweet to @MarkHamillHimself

We need 200k + Views & at least same amount of likes as Subs that is"22k" :) Remember to Mention at Tweet to Mark Hamill that now you have the Right LS Crystal on Hilt & Hilt is also the right one <3 Use max 2 Tags on Tweet to make it into Trending list. Can download this video with Firefox browser & with addon installed just in case Mickey's Suits send Goon Squad to order Youtube to take this Down. #ColinTrevorrowWantedToSaveLuke #KathleenFiredHim #MarkLovedColinsIdeas #StarWars #HopeLives

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