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Shady Developers and Steam Working together?!?

corvascorvas Member UncommonPosts: 141
What is it about those shady devs that are start developing a game and put its Alpha stage in Early Access and charge money for it just to have the players/customers buy into it and after a while either have it closed down like H1Z1 Just Survive or have it stay in EA for eternity like DayZ or even have abandoned its game while its still for sale in Steam like Steamhammer.

Think Steam is part of the problem in these cases, because they support these companies instead of protecting the players/customers against these shady devs.

Too many shady developers making games and suddenly stop to work on it and steam doesnt do anything about them.

Its time for steam to make a stand against these devs and protect the customers, but do you think they ever will ... ??

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