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A few questions on Destiny 2.

RateroRatero Member UncommonPosts: 431
I picked up Destiny 2 during the Holiday and I knocked out all the story content from the game including the 3 DLC's that were already out.  I also knocked out all the "Adventure" type quests and did more "public" events than I can count.  On my play through I played as the Warlock class.

1) Is there any way possible to solo Strikes?  The reason I'm asking this is I'm normally a Solo player but I did attempt 2 strikes last night to attempt to get some gear upgrades.  The Strike was pretty much over for me before we started since the other 2 players leaping skills so far out classed that of my Warlocks they were jumping from one floating platform to another and I could not even keep up with them.  Seriously their jumps were insane compared to my Warlocks jump glides/teleport.
2) My gear is already at 340 and I did get a "powerful engram"  once since I made my own guild and apparently did enough content last night to earn it.  That helped out a lot and this guild exp may be my only option to get "powerful engrams".  I do  not PvP ever and since I'm not part of any guild then Raids and other content like that is out of the picture.  Is there any soloable ways to pick up "powerful engrams"?

Note: I hate doing Parkour jumping content....
Thanks in advance.


  • SandmanjwSandmanjw Member UncommonPosts: 207
    You need to use the jump skill on warlock and the secret is you need to double tap the space bar (or whatever key you have set for jump) when you jump. 

    Check out google and you tube. Once you get the hang of the quick double tap on is easy to get around just as well as most all classes.

    Each class has a slightly different jump mechanic.  But the warlock is nasty if you do not know about the quick double tap. It seems that you can jump like a 90 year old grand ma in a wheel chair till you figure that out. 

    Never liked the port jump on never used it past the quick try out and never looked back. So can not give any advice there, sorry.

    I am far from a "good" player...but i played all classes through most of the content and got them all to around 380 light, before i got tired of the grind. Most of the content, as in i do not do much pvp, besides the required to get the powerful gear engram once a week, and i never did a nightfall or raid.

    You can get like 3 powerful engrams from  pvp, heroic strikes, and weekly powerful engram from cayde for the public events and such per week. Those can all be done pretty much solo as in no fire teams needed. just the group finder for pvp and public events and such.

    For just one should be able to do this in one play session of a couple hours. If you do all three character types...then it would take longer.

    There are ways to do the nightfall weekly solo...but you need to be super good player IMO to ever attempt that and have maxed, or close to it gear. So the three powerful engrams are about the most you can get solo per week. Getting in a clan can net you more if you are interested in doing raids and such. 

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