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Disability,Gaming,making money from youtube ???

slygamer1979slygamer1979 Member UncommonPosts: 101
I've been a gamer for a long time and on disability for a long time as well and i wanted to know if it's possible to for me to make a decent amount of money if i started to do youtube videos on games and how much money could i make through youtube and NOT lose my current income ? and adding a patreon account for a little extra.

 I didn't have a very good education in school given i had medical issues while in school that kept me out often and i did graduate highschool i was bad at certain subjects so college was out of the question overall. I'm 39 now and live at home with my parents and we put together our disability income every month to afford the bills, mine pays for the cable & internet.

the games i play are currently Warframe,Monster Hunter World,Elder Scrolls Online and some other games. 
I've never made youtube videos or anything i've just watched a lot of it. I have a PS4 Pro and gaming PC.


  • RefloxReflox Member CommonPosts: 8
    edited August 2018
    Getting viewers and getting good at the content you make takes some time, could take even a year until it starts to show you some numbers. So the biggest problem is for any content creator is if they have patience and can live through the hard times not getting much out of it. If you can create content in your current situation financially, you have bigger chances <3

    There are ways to make this process faster, but it would take extra effort, that is promoting your channel through reddit, other youtubers, influencers or comments. But it would take your valuable time as a content creator and you would not want to spend 10 + hours a day hoping that some day you will get something from your work. That's the hardest part really.

    Education and gaming experience actually does not matter if you can be yourself and create unique assets of entertainment - be it an interesting story telling through your videos, your personal motivational niche, relate gaming with positive thinking lessons. Anything you know about would work really, there are viewers to everything in the world.

    At first it will be hard and unrewarding, so if you are willing to take at least half a year until you see constant 1k + viewers every video and start getting comments with feedback, you will notice patterns and how to grow next :) Starting is the hardest part, usually. Deal with the problems when they occur, try not to foresee them too much. It's impossible. 
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