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  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 19,934
    Kyleran said:
    SlyLoK said:
    IMO this is an easy fix. At character creation have a PvP character flag.. if yes get matched with other PvP characters if no get matched with pve characters.

    They are not proposing a clear and easy fix like this, they intend for PVE players to give the game a try using the beloved Fallout IP as the lure.

    They hope to convince the PVEer it really won't be so bad, but if they don't stick around at least they get revenue from the big early access box price if nothing else.

    Its looking to be a classic bait and switch with few real details shared until right before launch.

    Maybe all they need is a reasonable conversion rate. If enough people can and will put up with it that might be all it takes to achieve critical mass.

    Another possibility I could see forming out of this are PvE factions and groups that specialize in "getting away" or surviving encounters and maybe even indirectly retaliate by using their resources to make attacks costly, ineffective, or possibly even consequential.

    Just like PvP gank groups and guilds will form, so might the PvE resistance groups. I'm absolutely positive, without any factual basis, that Bethesda is banking on this. They are banking on the PvE survival types who would fill the NPC roles of the various "safe zone" factions.

    This would make PvE groups that would conflict over resources thereby employing PvP players to field protection or offense.

    This is basically how Lineage was designed. The big mistake I see Bethesda making in my invented fantasy is not enticing PvE players with the goodies they love. That's what made them stay in Lineage - progression and shinies. Take that away and what are they doing? Where's the carrot?

    I still don't see this panning out as planned, but I see that as a remote possibility. In 2003 this game could be a hit. In 2018 there are too many other options. They want my PvE monies but they're not giving me PvE reasons to spend it on them. :mrgreen:
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  • AzarealAzareal Member UncommonPosts: 163
    wanderica said:
    I applaud the new ideas they're trying with FO76, but I really get the feeling they're trying to reinvent the "PVP wheel" here. Most of the time, simple is better. Three very easy solutions are immediately obvious to everyone but the developers, it seems. Either have PvE and PvP servers, a flagging system, or allow people to host their own (co-op). I won't bother with the game if it stays like this. It seems needlessly complicated to effectively achieve the same outcome (PvP or PvE).

    That's what I was thinking too. Just keep things simple. I can just see the griefers jumping into the line of fire of the mob you're after, just so you inadvertently become flagged when you tag them so they can shoot back. And they can keep doing this until you get so frustrated you either shoot them and get flagged, or just plain quit.

    I was excited when I heard 76 was coming out and then saw this mess. Ever since pvp in The Division, I have learned that there are some very warped minds out there. Really not going to bother with this game at all at this point.

  • VinterkrigVinterkrig Member UncommonPosts: 1,861
    They're going to have disgruntled PVE and PVP players with this garbage system. Glad I didn't pre-order yet, because this looks like hot garbage.
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