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Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Illusive Age

kitaradkitarad Member LegendaryPosts: 7,841
edited August 2018 in PC Gaming

I cannot understand why Dragon Quest has never really gotten the fan base Final Fantasy has in the West although I love Final Fantasy too but Dragon Quest series has always occupied a special place in my heart and I especially love the turn based ones versus the action orientated in my personal opinion and bias.

Dragon Quest is usually heavily story driven and something I am especially drawn too because I love Japanese RPG and they are one of the best at this genre. The sheer imagination in the various monsters one meets like Final Fantasy sometimes makes you stop and wonder how in the world did anyone come up with that design.

The beauty of the world is in talking to the NPCs and discovering what they are doing and how they relate to this magnificent world. I am so happy that it is turn based because I worry that games are turning away from turn based in favour of action based games and whenever a good turn based game comes out I literally jump with joy .

I hope people check this game out and fall in love with Dragon Quest and will go on to discover the other games in this great franchise.

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