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Weekly Brief - Level design is pretty fun!

6stack_Chris6stack_Chris Member UncommonPosts: 116
As we’ve talked about in previous weeks, the visuals and aesthetics of this game are going to be one of the key features, and even as we creep towards having the first real build ready of Zy Universe, we’re doing it in style.

With that, our lead concept artist and 3D artist have been making all sorts of new assets to continue to expand our underground catacombs themed level.  Here is a quick animated section of broken wall, and some stone arches for your viewing pleasure.

Subtle, yet small details like these will help make the world really come to life.
Speaking of the catacombs level, our art team also has a really neat way of designing the flow and layout of the level that’s worth a share... First, our lead concept artist Oksana sits down with her sketch books and draws out her ideas for a layout. It comes out looking something like this.

Then she digitizes and imports the drawing right in to Unity where she can trace the ground sections and literally pull them right off the page, sort of speak.

Next, she can drop the character in and run through it to make sure the area is going to work ok before she starts beautifying it.

Finally, once those steps are done, the art team makes it look awesome.

Pretty neat, right?

On the development side, we don’t have anything we can share just yet, except this little teaser for what we hope will eventually be greeeenaaaddes!!!!!

That's what I got for you all this week! Let me know if you have some feedback!
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