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Gun, guns and even more guns

6stack_Chris6stack_Chris Member UncommonPosts: 117
Every gamer seems to have a favorite weapon in the games they play. In Asheron's Call, mine was the Obsidian Dagger, in World of Warcraft, I have the fondest memories chasing after Spiteblade and the list can go on. Sometimes you just want to look cool while defeating your opponents. That is what we are working on right now in Zy Universe. 

We want players to have a fun time playing the game, while also enjoying the aesthetics. This means not only should the environment and player look and feel really good, but so should the weapons and particle effects. So, I wanted to show you all some of the weapon concept art that has been distributed to our 3D modeler. The team has discussed tons of cool ways that these weapons will look while distributing their mayhem across the field of battle. Right now we are focused on ranged weapons, but in the future we will be looking into the melee ones. 

If you have ideas for a weapon, please let me know and I'll bring some of the feedback to the team!

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