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Got a great Game Idea (Game makers look here)

Not sure if there was another forum for me to put this in, but anyways, a while ago I was thinking how crappy this one web game I was playing was. And as I got more to thinking, I thought up a whole huge game idea project. I even wrote one before I began writing on my book (which I am still doing image), anyways, its a 4 step transformation from a good web brower game, to a full scale 3d mmorpg. But trust me, you'll be making money at every step at the process, and then more and more. If my predictions go as I think, at the web browers part of the game, you should already start making between 45-60k, which if is a second hand job, would be VERY nice. Anyways, if anyone is interested, just pm me, or add me on messenger at Msn messgener that is ;). Also, you might think what is there here for me. I just want to see this game work out, and possibly in the kindness of your heart, a few goodies in the end for me :). I dislike money, but material stuff is always cool. Anyways, whoever is interested go ahead and talk to me.



Oh yes, I completely forgot to say what the idea was about. Well its based off a mech type game, and since I see no mech mmorpgs, it would be original to say in the least. I know i can't give much information of off just this, but im trying to put in what I can. Its almost a good version of all the "mech" browser game rip-offs flying around. This would be the version to rule em all :D.


  • worldboy90worldboy90 Member Posts: 39
    Ahh come on? The least you could do is check out you gaming fanatics :P. I got an idea to change the face of mmorpgs and I don't even get a response.. pff.
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